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"If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing you grandmother with her teeth out."

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They didn’t review a single play that game and the pats were being rigged nearly the entire game yet they still won.
Posted: Posted February 3rd by Weid man

The only favorable call made for rams was the no unnecessary roughness call at the beginning of the 4tu quarter since Goff stepped out of bounds upon being shoved to the bench. Don’t you love this officiating Jet Presto?

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I didn't think the officiating was much of a problem. They let them play, but they felt relatively consistent. There were a few plays where I thought, "If this was the Chiefs game, they would have called that pass interference." On both teams.

I wasn't sure what to make of that hit on Goff. It was dirty, but, he was still in bounds, so I guess that made it legal? I thought there was a rule about players giving themselves up. But at the same time, I saw a few plays where a Rams player slammed Brady after the ball was released, which is also supposed to be illegal to make those kinds of moves.

Overall, it was kind of just a bad game by the offenses. The officials seemed to very much try to stay a non-factor, which on the most part was appreciated.

So, even though it was a close, competitive game, but we finally got a Tom Brady Super Bowl that just wasn't that fun to watch. I suppose that was destined to happen after nine Super Bowls.

Posted February 3rd by Jet Presto

Weid, not every game is rigged. Calls were missed all over the place. Plus, NFL ratings only stand to benefit from the Patriots continuing to be league villains, so why would they rig against them?

Posted February 4th by Jahoy Hoy

I thought you boycotted the NFL, Jet?

Posted February 4th by Jahoy Hoy

I generally do. But I decided, given that it was sounding like one of Brady's final years, to pay attention in the playoffs. I only intentionally watched the three Patriots playoff games. (I watched the Rams/Saints because it was on at the bar I was at that day.)

Posted February 4th by Jet Presto

Brandin cooks probably regrets leaving the pats.

Posted February 4th by Weid man

I was under the impression he was traded.

Posted February 5th by Jet Presto

All of the five pats losses were one the road against teams who disn’t even qualify for the playoffs. Yet they had to play the 12-4 chargers at home in the frigid cold. NFL playoffs should be based on records even if any of the two wild card teams have better records than the other division winners. Chargers would have had a chance had the pats needed to play in LA.

Posted February 7th by Weid man
Reply to: They didn’t review a single play that game and the pats were being rigged nearly the entire game yet they still won.
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