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Posted: Posted March 27th
Edited March 27th by chiarizio
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I keep reading about what the WHO says about the COVID-containment efforts in various countries, and whether or not the tests the WHO supplied work, and whether the WHO can get more Personal Protection Equipment to various places’ health-care workers, and ventilators to physicians of patients who can’t breathe on their own.

When do the WHO have time to record their albums, or tour?

Do you think their “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” is about something like the current crisis?

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I don't know, you tell me

Posted March 28th by Xhin
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No, WHO's on first.

Posted March 29th by Black Yoshi
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[@]Xhin,Black Yoshi:[/@]
@Black Yoshi:
Aww, c’mon, guys! Puns?!??
What if I were asking a serious question?

Edited April 12th by chiarizio
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Ok this one is serious;
The World Health Organization is publicly feeling the loss of American leadership.
Maybe once the Biden administration takes over the US’s scientists and physicians can once again support the WHO.
OTOH maybe there’ll never be a Biden administration.

Posted October 1st by chiarizio
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Good. Maybe next time there's a growing pandemic, they'll actually do something about it instead of spending months sucking Chinese dick.

Posted October 4th by Axem Great Water
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I’ve seen two notifications that you’d replied to threads, but then not found any replies from you on those threads.
Is that a bug? Or just weird but correct behavior?

Posted October 13th by chiarizio
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When do the WHO have time to record their albums, or tour?

Teamed up with Doctor Who to make use of the TARDIS.

Posted October 13th by Moonray
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