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The Umbrella Academy
Posted: Posted March 2nd by -Riku-

Just finished s1 of this show. Really enjoyed it and thought the characters were all pretty well written. 5 is easily my favorite character and I thought the kid playing him did a good job. I feel like this show is the best version of the X-men I've seen since the animated series of the 90s (note: this isn't an X-Men show, but it kind of is). I can't wait until s2 comes out

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Caught 2 episodes. Realized it wasnt for me.

Posted March 3rd by S.o.h.

Was ok. I found the tone very inconsistent, jokes were thrown in without much thought and light-hearted/comedic music playing in fight scenes that were actually supposed to be serious. The pacing was also really bad. I'm also not a fan of shows/movies that substitute their own music for lisenced music.

I will say though that the use of music in the final fight was really well done. Not only was it a beautiful suite but it was also part of the actual scene.

I liked it enough that I will watch a season 2, but it's not something I would really compare to X-Men (and I would also say that The Gifted has been a really good TV interpretation of the X-Men universe so wouldn't say that this was better).

Posted March 3rd by Moonray
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