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The shortlist
Posted: Posted October 3rd, 2018
Edited October 8th, 2018 by Xhin
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I went through and pared down everything not essential to getting GTX0 back off the ground, which is what I'm going to be focusing on moving forward.

Necessary GTX0 changes

  • Continue to clean GTX0's code. I'm making improvements as I go here, but there's still some potential holes that need to be filled as well.

  • Newpost/newreply -- requires the above and is very necessary at this point with the rest of the site revamped.


  • Migrate stickies into documents as needed, remove "moderated by: " where moderators aren't there, fix forum descriptions, other minor tweaks.

  • Reformat site rules

  • Make sure all features work, make sense and are integrated right (probably a final step here)

  • Homepage (will be easier once the site is polished)

  • Help documents

  • Fix the User CP. The account/user system needs more work, I need to merge the settings panels and pare off dead/etc features.

  • Make streams continuous and integrate them into the site better.

  • Emoticon purging and custom account sets.

  • The base icons need to either be new stuff and/or need to revert to older sets.


    This has its own checklist:

    [NIFE alpha checklist (again)]

    Worth noting that there's only one feature left before I get to the polishing step. So advertising NIFE is not far off at all.


  • Form a "community team" which honestly might just be me and Cetasaurus for the time being.

  • Form the aesthetic team and get mariomguy and maybe Clarkey working on the site in some capacity.

  • I need a version 0 of Gambit or whatever I'm calling it. Should be mostly integration and very very loose categorization.

  • I want to get with Ceta about the pokemon forum and with Vandy about general games forum features.

    Other features

  • Figure out what I'm doing here: [Merit v2 Notes]. Also badges. Will definitely have some kind of leveling system and something that encourages merit variety, but beyond that I'm not certain yet. Might even just scrap it and stick with what we have for the time being.

    Website absorption project

    Really, the most essential things here:

  • GTX0 needs to be able to support a phpbb-style parser optionally. I don't have to program one fortunately.

  • I need a scraping system. I have some prototypes already, need to merge them into something workable.

  • Image attachments

  • Come up with a good set of procedures for their staff/etc and run it by the staff here.

  • Limited admin (pared to certain account sources)

  • Thread source tags & tree (this should be really easy to do, having a revamped forum index is nice)

  • Themes (will require a lot of polish here)

  • Portals. Hardcoded/semi-hardcoded will make it a lot easier.

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    What would be the function of the community team?

    Posted October 3rd, 2018 by Vandy
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