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The Rise of Skywalker
Posted: Posted December 20th, 2019 by The Bandit
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It's fine. I think the reviews have been pretty fair. It's perfectly enjoyable if you've liked other Star Wars movies, but it's pretty messy, and the script probably deserved another revision. As much as I absolutely love Star Wars, every single film has stupid shit in it, and this one is no exception, but if you can look past that it's fun.

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Final ranking that will never change, feel free to roast me:

1. Empire
2. TFA (it's fun!)
3. Star Wars
4. The Last Jedi
6. Skywalker
7. Solo
8. Sith (I GUESS)
9. Rogue One
10. Clones
11. TPM

Posted December 20th, 2019 by The Bandit
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I haven't watched it yet, watching it tomorrow (Saturday), but my biggest complaint with this trilogy is the way it seems like no one was really in-charge of maintaining an overall arc to the trilogy.

TLJ definitely flowed off from TFA, but you could tell that it took story elements in directions that Abrams hadn't planned for and I remember saying at some point on this site that with JJ Abrams back in-charge of the third movie it's a shame he wasn't just given the whole trilogy because I suspect he's going back to his original plans for this trilogy, which will probably make TLJ feel like the odd one out. Just seems like it would've been better to either have someone who was in control of the overall direction of it, or just give the trilogy to one person.

Guess I'll see what I actually think when I've watched it. I am fully expecting to not like this one as much as TLJ though.

Edited December 20th, 2019 by Moonray
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I'm probably going to see it tuesday, and I agree with moonray. Need to rewatch the other two first -- I haven't seen either of them again since they came out.

Posted December 20th, 2019 by Xhin
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I appreciate star wars but it never really clicked for me. Of all the film's ive enjoyed ROTS, NH, ESB and TLJ.

Edited December 21st, 2019 by S.o.h.
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So I watched it yesterday and I'm still not sure whether I liked it or not. Like, it wasn't really conistently anything? Parts were really bad, parts were really good, some parts were a mix of both.

Some non-spoiler bullet point thoughts:

  • Probably some of my favourite lightsaber fights from any of the movies. It had the more subdued style of the OT but mixed in some of the Jedi acrobatics from the prequels and I dunno, for me it just worked so well. Rey & Kylo's final duel was just really good to watch.

  • Disliked all the backtracking from TLJ. Like seriously why? I guess I'll go into more detail in a spoiler tag but this just bugged me. TLJ clearly took things in a direction JJ Abrams didn't want, it was obvious when TLJ came out and it's even more obvious here when Abrams was given the chance to essentially make the movie irrelevant.

  • Some of the "answers" they provided were dumb and just raise more questions.

  • Music was good but this trilogy has failed to provide any standout tracks which is a disappointment for someone like me who loves to listen to movie OSTs. Too much reliance on original trilogy tracks was also a problem for me, I also heard moments in the tracks that were clearly homages to OT tracks but they ended up irritating me because I was expecting it to flow into the original track rather than into something else (this is just a personal nitpick and not really a flaw with the movie).

  • I hate how Disney Star Wars has ruined Hyperspace!!! I believe the implication is this movie takes place in time period of less than 16 hours, and yet in that time they are able to hop around the galaxy multiple times and assemble a fleet for the final battle. It's not really an issue exclusive to this movie, it's been an issue ever since Disney took over. If you watch the OT there is a clear implication that time passes and Hyperspace "takes a while" to get you somewhere. In Disney Star Wars you can just hyperspace from on a planet or immediately after leaving a planet and get where you need to be very quickly... As well as the bad guys can chase you down instantly. It just irritates me that travel time isn't a thing at all now. (Needed to vent that).

  • New characters were utterly pointless and took up screentime that could've been given to existing characters. Not gonna even spoiler tag this but Rose is in the movie for like 1 minute of total time and it's split accross multiple scenes. That's possibly an exaggeration but I would honestly say I'm not far off. A few minutes of screentime max. I don't care if some people didn't like her in the previous movie ( I didn't much care for her to be honest) but she's part of the story now and she deserved more time. Wouldn't be surprised if they quickly added her in after people started questioning where she was in all the trailers.

  • Leia was really off... Maybe just because I knew going in that the actress is dead and they'd reused old footage but her responses to stuff could be very awkward at times. An example is Rey doubting herself and Leia just gives this generic response about not doubting yourself, then Rey repeats the line and proceeds to tell Leia what she's about to do. Or another scene where Rey tells Leia she wants to go do something and Leia just gives this generic "No" response leaving all the actual dialogue to Rey. I get they really didn't have much choice here but it just gave Leia's performance a weirdness to it. I am happy we got Leia in the movie instead of them just writing her out entirely though.

    Spoiler stuff:

  • Posted December 22nd, 2019 by Moonray
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    Another few random thoughts:

    Posted December 22nd, 2019 by Moonray
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    Oh and also the opening crawl was the worst of any of the Star Wars movies lol!

    Posted December 22nd, 2019 by Moonray
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    Worse than the one in the ham solo movie?

    Posted December 22nd, 2019 by Xhin
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    Solo didn't have an opening crawl? You can't be bad at something if you never did it!

    Anyway I'm going to end up watching this a second time with my dad and my sister next week as they haven't seen it yet, so I'll let you know if my opinion of the movie changes at all on a second viewing.

    Posted December 22nd, 2019 by Moonray
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    I don't think I liked it very much? But there were a bunch of things that I liked? I dunno. I'm still sitting on it. This has typically how this trilogy has gone (I didn't like TFA at first, but came to really enjoy it upon another viewing. I felt meh about TLJ, but definitely loved it the second time. I don't know if I'll see this one again any time soon due to the time constraints on my life lately, but I'll see it again later.

    The general, spoiler-free stuff I have to say is that I can appreciate the position that JJ Abrams was in. He was almost in the same exact position he was in for The Force Awakens: having to make a movie that combines stuff that some fans loved and some fans hated. (In TFA, he mostly focused on the originals, but didn't totally ignore the prequels because some folks do love those movies!) Here, he has to balance the goodwill he got from TFA and try to continue a series following a film that was, suffice it to say, divisive. I thought he mostly did well, but it definitely felt like he got too wrapped up in trying to conclude some of his own storylines. I thought he more or less was respectful of The Last Jedi, sorta, but I don't think he totally adjusted according to it. That's why the first twenty minutes feels like an entire film in fast-forward!

    Pacing is an issue here, but I'm not sure it's ever not been an issue in a Star Wars film besides the first. All three of these mainline movies have suffered this pretty discernibly (I loooove TLJ, but that definitely has pacing problems). I loved all the puppetry and the robots. Actually, all the droids were kinda the highlight for me, to be honest. Lightsaber battles were cool, though I still think the throne room in TLJ is the best sequence in this trilogy. I actually really liked some of the new characters, although they feel kinda thrown in for spin-off purposes. John Williams seemed to get back to form here with his score. And, ya know, this cast has always been excellent.

    Overall, "it's fine" is probably the best way to put it. I certainly didn't hate it overall (though I hated a few key elements of it), but I don't know if I liked it much? We'll see if that changes upon another watch, though.

    So, more spoiler-stuff:

    Those are most of my negative (and my most negative) criticisms. I really think the problem with JJ Abrams is that he's way too derivative. I know that sounds strange about a Star Wars film - a franchise built off of an amalgamation of past programs folks were nostalgic for - but I kinda....don't...just want the same Star Wars movie made over and over again? I kinda just don't want the same trilogy beat for beat over and over again. To return to basically a rehash of the originals after getting something fresh with the Last Jedi was definitely disappointing.

    But, I also do have some spoilery positives I'll conclude on:

    Overall, it's fine. The trilogy is fine. I think in terms of visual filmmaking, it's by far superior to either preceding series. But that's not all it takes to be "good." I'll take these messy films over the stilted, indulgent prequels myself.

    But if folks love this one, I'm glad for them. I really feel like The Last Jedi was the Star Wars film I wanted, and I got it. Stinks it couldn't be its own series or be built upon better, but that's gonna be a movie like the first Star Wars film that I can revisit apropos of nothing and still love it. So, I'm fine with this result. We'll see what happens with a rewatch, but I'm having a hard time imagining liking Rise of Skywalker. It's pretty much in "prequel" territory for me. But I'm not gonna start a Twitter war with folks who loved it. Just voicing my criticisms here in the aftermath of seeing it, and then going about my life.

    Posted December 23rd, 2019 by Jet Presto
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