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The Maze -- Notes
Posted: Posted January 30th, 2018 by Xhin

This is an upcoming NIFE format that I have little bit of outside interest on and will be advertising after the first game. I've done a bit of work on it lately, so my notes are below.


The game has a "common room" connected to "common areas" like farmland, chests for players, a stable, etc. It's also connected to "zones" by doors.

There will actually be multiple games that take place. After I make a new Zone, I'll ask for signups and do some advertising. Returning players can keep their old items while new players can freely explore old Zones.

Game Mode

Gameplay is Cooperative. Key items are part of a shared inventory so that everyone progresses at the same time. Some puzzles work better when multiple people solve them together. There should be a lot of discussion between players as the game progresses.

However, there are rare useful items that players might want to hoard for themselves. Side quests also grant players XP. Whoever has the most XP at the end of a zone "wins" that game and will get something to celebrate that like a statue or trophy.


Zones consist of an overworld, at least one town, and a dugeon area known as a Maze hidden somewhere in there. Players must find the Maze and the Key that opens it. However there's lots of other stuff to do outside that goal, which will give them rare items.


During the game the players and I will decide on "Maze windows". These are times set aside where a lot of players will be active at the same time (and I can also do it). During that time players will try to solve Mazes together, and I might also be playing in an antagonistic role.

Mazes are connected rooms locked by doors. There are puzzles that need to be solved and enemies that need to be defeated. The first stage of The Maze is finding the keys needed to unlock all the doors, which leads to the discovery of an Artifact.

The Artifact is then needed to solve additional puzzles and find the Maze's Treasure. However at this stage, all defeated enemies are resurrected and I control their movements.

I also control something known as The Minotaur -- an insanely strong enemy that can also summon enemies, resurrect them, set traps, and other nasty stuff. Players will want to try to trap it by locking doors around it.

While Mazes can be played at any time, they have to open during a Maze Window, and only during Maze Windows do players have access to the Artifact. When a Maze Window opens, I'll move the Minotaur somewhere convenient for me as well, so you can set yourself up but you can't initially trap it.


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this sounds like a cool concept xhin w the potential to be a lot of fun :) i hope your work on it has been productive and enjoyable good luck

Posted January 30th, 2018 by susurrous


While I'll have some quests available at the start of a game, I'll also add more as a game progresses, as well as new areas to the overworld because I'm cool like that. Mazes won't change.

When I add something new, I'll update the character known as "The Bard" to give you a starting point. He lives in the common room.


Scattered around a Zone you will find Seeds. You can plant these as crops in the common farm area and harvest them over time. These give you raw materials for crafting or feedstock.

There will be some method of finding, moving, breeding, and feeding Livestock, who will give you other raw materials when killed.

Overworlds will also have Mines, for additional raw materials.


With these raw materials you will be able to craft Potions to refill health/Mana, boost stats, or upgrade items. You will also be able to craft useful weapons.


Scattered around, you will be able to find Mounts such as Horses. They offer an extra layer of protection -- they can die in your place. Some are useful for side quests as well.

Death System

When you die, you resurrect in the Graveyard. Ordinarily this has a one-way portal to the Common Room, but during Maze Windows youre trapped there until it closes. You can still help your teammates through discussion.

Mounts useful for side quests will also resurrect but the others won't.

A rare consumable item known as a Phoenix Stone will put a consumable item in the Graveyard that allows one player to escape.


In the common room and in each Maze you will find an Altar. Here you can use your one manual action to sacrifice an item in order to gain a hint, get a useful item, or something else. The item will always be sacrificed, but if it isn't valuable, expect your Favor to also not be valuable.

It will take some time before you can Pray again.

Posted January 30th, 2018 by Xhin
Nature is beautiful


Each Zone has some kind of "theme". The first Zone for example is probably water-based. There will definitely be a Space theme at some point. Will probably migrate some stuff from the defunct Space War game.


I don't know when the first game will start, but this project is definitely a high priority. The first game I won't heavily advertise because I want to beta it first, but there will definitely be a couple non-GT people involved. After that I'll definitely be expanding and trying to get more players every game, with a cap somewhere.

If you're interested in a General sense, put your name below just so I can get an idea.

Posted January 30th, 2018 by Xhin
Nature is beautiful
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