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The Happy Victim's Creed
Posted: Posted March 12th by 6s67dui
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Clot-brained cogwheel in the sheets
Turns and sweats and makes his lists
Drug-dream-wracked reprobate creeps
Towards the daylight’s tasks in heaps

Pearl-zenithed walking zit
Makes his home where he can fit
Shops around for flavored swill
Earns new ulcers with that shit

What oils lubricate his lust?
What libels lurk in songs he loves?
What lord commodifies his trust?

He don’t know much but he knows this
You take your cut where you can find it

Drinksop spirit drowns the past
He just wanted to do his best
But trying only wore him thin
Fuck off, you didn’t live through any of this

Prideful inmate sworn to stress
Bares his teeth at disrespect
Freedom’s a real pretty word
Take the options you can get

He chants the happy victim’s creed:
Let distraction succor me
And polish all my edges down
‘Til I am smooth and blank as stone
To better fill my given role

Make me what I am
Make me the servant I was born to be

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Posted March 12th by Famov
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Are you guys OK?

Posted March 15th by chiarizio
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So come with me into the outer dark
We’ll pass the last redoubt
To where the cold closes in
And all the lights go out
There time stands still...
We’ll leap beyond the curve of space
For another time, another place
To rejoin the pantheon alongside our ancestors
And wonder
Why did we live?

Posted March 15th by k7643ey
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