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The Filthy Frank show has become unironically great and deep entertainment
Posted: Posted December 27th, 2017 by nullfather

For those of you who don't know, TVFilthyFrank is a YouTube channel where a half-Japanese man displays unbelievable absurdity, filth and bigotry for the entertainment of cancerous millenials. Through many videos over a period of several years, he developed a cast of recurring characters (represented by Lycra bodysuits of various colors), often played by the same man (George Miller) that plays host with the Filthy Frank character. What began as aimless rants, stupid skits and rap parodies eventually began revealing evidence of a deeper and much more expansive plot.

Within the last year or two, the production value has been skyrocketing and the writing has been revealing more and more of the wild story beneath the stupidity. What starts out as a stupid comedy video about pimping out a custom wheelchair might evolve into a short film about battles between superpowers. What appears to be a momentary quirk like Frank breaking his character design by wearing a pair of sunglasses may turn out to be a months-long subplot about an impostor sent by outer gods to usurp Frank's position. Eventually, a project that started off as a repository for a frustrated teenager to rant about the bullshit he faced at school turned into a story about a war in heaven, the nature of God and the relationship between the creator and the created.

And now, when it's coming to an end, all the cards are being laid on the table. Miller has released a novel (titled Francis of the Filth) which finally reveals the full backstory of the mythos. I went into it with the expectation that it was going to be a ridiculous mess, but it absolutely swerved me. What I found was a legitimately decent and engaging adventure novel with religious elements that pointedly reminded me of such personal mythologies as Lord Dunsany's Gods of Pegana and of Eastern heroic epics.

Supposedly, a feature-length film is also on the way. If it has even a fraction of the production, mythology and style of his recent videos, it will be unbelievable.
If you want to get in on the lore, you can watch some full-lore movies like this. Incomplete, though it will get you up to this year quickly.
Warning: extreme stupidity. But there's something to it.

I am the mighty Sun-Column.
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Posted January 4th by poptart!
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