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The F2P 3rd person shooter Warframe on Switch is great!
Posted: Posted November 29th, 2018 by ShadowFox08

I've played this for a couple hours, and its one of the best free to play games for the Switch along with Fortnite, Arena of Valor,and Paladins, and I do recommend giving it a try. Not some game involving loot boxes. It's a 3rd person sci fi co-op shooter.. Mostly PVC, but there are PVP modes. There's a decent amount of grinding involved including grinding for better weapons and mods(basically perks that increase stats like health, shield, damage, fire rate, etc) and overall combat and traveling is pretty fluid

Panic Button's best looking port on the Switch in terms of fidelity also! They've ported Doom and Wolfeinstein on the Switch before. Its 30fps and anywhere between 540-720p docked. Compared to PS4 Pro which is 1080p 60 fps with slightly better fidelity in terms of effects, but pretty identical otherwise. Not sure if PS4 Pro was optimized for this game though.

CHeck out Digital Foundry's analysis.

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