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The Deerhunters: a Myth of the Severna
Posted: Posted January 26th, 2019 by elemtilas
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In the long ago time, two peoples lived in these forests. One was the People, our ancestors, and the other was the Deerfolk. In those days, Deerfolk and People were as one, able to walk and talk as we do now and living in houses. In those days, People did not have bows and thus could not hunt, so they ate only fish, which they could catch with nets in the rivers, and the herbs and roots which they knew how to use. Now, the Deerfolk saw how things were with the People and becoming proud, they elevated themselves beyond their proper place. Fleet of foot and very crafty, they became desirous of meat and fashioned powerful weapons to hunt People for food. Many cries and laments were raised by the mothers of children taken by the Deerfolks’ weapons. And the men were downheartened for they had no means of defending their people from the swift Deerfolk and their bows!

Great Mother saw these things and heard the lamentation of the People. She became moved by their suffering and by the impropriety of the way things had become. She went therefore to the People of the Deer in the guise of a mighty Wolfwoman and terrified the Deerfolk with her cold gaze. She took from them the bow, she took from them the arrow, the weapons they had used to hunt People with.

And seeing that the Deerfolk had built homes of wood and were cooking their kills upon hearths of stone, Great Mother became wroth. And she struck down the Deerfolks’ shamans and their wise women; with her powerful jaws she slew them. And for their pride, she made them drop to all four feet, for they had before this time run on two legs like the People. So terrified were the rest of the Deerfolk after this, and hoping to escape further punishment, they instantly leaped away from their villages, and they scattered in terror, fleeing in every direction.

Great Mother went then to the villages of the People in the guise of an old wise woman and gave the bow to the People, and she gave the arrow to the People. She instructed the young hunters in the use and fashioning of the bow, showing them how to stalk the Deerfolk. Now the People were the hunters, and the Deerfolk provided the hunters with food and clothing and shelter; and the Deerfolk had to suffer this trial for their pride and their desire to go against the way decreed by Great Mother.

These things Great Mother did to make right what was become wrong in the world and to make clear to her creation the right relationship between People and Deerfolk. This is why People hunt with bows and arrows, and why Deerfolk provide their bounty for the hunters. This is why Deerfolk must suffer the loss of their children and their women to sustain the lives of People, and why People must be thankful for their sacrifice.

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[@]elemtilas:Hmmm. Did she really “make things right”?[/@]

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