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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

I'm pretty bored, lately. So here's the best, worst, and overrated AS shows I've seen, just for the hell of it.

The Best: Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Twisted, yet very funny! I also found the 2015 penultimate series finale to be very touching. The last 5 minutes almost made me cry. Too bad the actual series finale kinda ruined it.

The Worst: The Oblongs - I really don't understand why some people like this show? I mean it was awful, plain and simple. The concept alone was alright but it went way wrong! I mean, I don't want to see a kid get beat up by two asshole bullies; IT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL and the show does this a lot, as a "butt monkey status quo" recurring gag and it wasn't even funny the first time around. The only saving grace was the dad, Bob Oblong. Other than that, what a pathetic Simpsons/South Park clone!

Overrated: Rick and Morty - Sure I love that show, but like Steven Universe, it's developed it's own toxic fanbase and I'll never forget about the Szechuan sauce incident, from last year! That was just stupid!

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I liked Oblongs. But everything about that show seemed to be designed to be repugnant and gross. But it was funny.

Rick and Morty I just got into recently and it's great. I've seen people complain about the fandom, but I've never really been annoyed personally by it.

Home Movies was my favorite show on AS. Especially the earlier, sguiggle-vision and dialogue heavy episodes.

Posted April 17th by Agis

I really liked Home Movies, too. I'll occasionally watch an episode on youtube when I think about it.

I also liked Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021.

Posted April 17th by Vandy

Sorry, but The Oblongs sucked! I don't get why it has a fanbase. I found Freddy Got Fingered a lot funnier and less mean spirited than The Oblongs and that's one of the worst comedies ever made.

Now Home Movies was great! It was The Oblongs done so much better. The bully in that show was actually pretty funny, which is the least I could say about those two asshole bullies from the other show. Seriously, that's the sole reason why I hate The Oblongs. Now, if those two bastards were actually punished, redeemed themselves, or were killed off; I wouldn't hold such a grudge towards the show.

Also, I know this is a little bit off topic but there's this anime based off this gaming franchise of the same name called Yo-Kai Watch and I think it's a decent anime. Someone on Twitter said it was one of the worst animes, he's dead wrong. That guy used to be a Sonic fanboy who caused drama on YouTube, back in the day. I'm not going to say his name because he feels so bitter towards me because I lied to him about not bringing up his past and I don't want to say anything else, in case he reads this and sends me another nasty PM on Twitter. Anyways, YW is a decent anime with some nice moments. Sure, it's no masterpiece, but it isn't awful like most kids anime that try to be Pokemon.

Edited April 18th by Blake

Are you an anti-The Oblongs novelty account?

If so I think that's hilarious.

Posted April 18th by Agis

Yes, I've hated that show, ever since I first saw it, back in 2006 or 2007. I already stated the reason why I hate it. If it wasn't for that, I would've said it was an okay show.

I'll take Freddy Got Fingered, any day over that show. At least FGF didn't have a kid getting beat up by some older asshole kids, although he did get hurt, not because of a bully, but due to bad luck and supposedly, he dies at the end of the film, when a helicopter blade slices him up and he quotes Eugene from Hey Arnold. I'd rather watch cows being screwed by Tom Green than kids getting blackeyes from asshole kids who deserve to be tortured for their bullying crimes. Still, I could sit through 2 hours of that travesty verses 30 minutes of a mean spirited animated show. Do I think it's one of the worst animated shows of all time? No, but I still hate it, for the reasons that I stated.

Also, while the father from FGF was an abusive asshole, at least Gord deserved the abuse, unlike Milo. Also, the dad was kinda funny, unlike Jared and Blaine, from The Oblongs. The dad even gets his comeuppance at the end when elephant cum gets sprayed all over him, not that he deserved it, Gord was an unlikable ignorant jackass manchild, but the fact that two equally unlikable bullies become Karma Houdinis for inflicting physical pain on an innocent bald headed kid, just fucking pisses me off to no end. Not sure which kid got it worse, Milo or the kid from FGF? Though, both Milo getting beat up and the kid from FGF getting hurt and eventually getting chopped up by a helicopter were both very bad, very mean spirited, and very inhuman, especially the latter, which involves fatal injuries.

Edited April 18th by Blake

Overrated: Rick and Morty - Sure I love that show, but like Steven Universe, it's developed it's own toxic fanbase and I'll never forget about the Szechuan sauce incident, from last year! That was just stupid!

Rick & Morty is overrated for actually relevant reasons. The much-anticipated third season was incredibly hit-and-miss, with masterwork episodes like The Ricklantis Mixup and Pickle Rick thrown in together with disappointing, pointless shit like the season finale.

Posted April 18th by nullfather

Yes, Season 3 didn't interest me that much. Seasons 1&2 were so much better. Pickle Rick was stupid, why would Rick turn himself into a pickle? That would be like if Farnsworth from Futurama turned himself into an apple. The episode about virtual reality was alright.

So I hope they take their time with season 4 and improve the writing. I'm so worried that AS will pull the plug on it, but I doubt it. Rick and Morty still gets strong ratings.

I got a confession to make, I don't hate The Oblongs as much as I used to, but still don't care for it. I remember when someone hated a voice actor for replacing the voice of a popular blue video game character. Nowadays, he no longer hates him.

Edited April 18th by Blake

Pickle Rick was stupid, why would Rick turn himself into a pickle?

That was clearly explained multiple times in the episode.

Posted April 18th by nullfather

If you had the power to transform or shapeshift into something else, you most likely would wanna be some kind of animal, like an eagle or a tiger. Rick only shapeshifted into an edible inanimate object. I still find that odd for some reason.

Sure, the premise of turning to something doesn't have life in it is kinda weird, but still believable. I mean ATHF was already about talking, breathing, living fast food consisting of fries, a shake, and a piece of meat. Then we have crap like The Annoying Orange, but that's a different story.

Edited April 18th by Blake

Rick only shapeshifted into an edible inanimate object. I still find that odd for some reason.

He transformed into something inanimate so that he couldn't do normal-people things like go to therapy. It was probably a pickle just because he happened to have a pickle at hand, with no specific importance.

Posted April 18th by nullfather

Didn't Morty once turn into a car or was he just daydreaming and Rick said that to see if Morty was gullible enough to believe that.

Posted April 19th by Blake

why would Rick turn himself into a pickle?

That was the initial joke. Why would he? Because he can. Rick even said so himself to Morty, did you miss that?

Rick: Come on, flip the pickle, Morty. You're not gonna regret it. The payoff is huge.
[Morty hesitantly picks up the screwdriver and turns the pickle over. The pickle has Rick's face on it] I turned myself into a pickle, Morty! Boom! Big reveal: I'm a pickle. What do you think about that? I turned myself into a pickle! W-what are you just staring at me for, bro. I turned myself into a pickle, Morty!
Morty: And?
Rick: "And"? What more do you want tacked on to this? I turned myself into a pickle, and 9/11 was an inside job?
Morty: Was it?
Rick: Who cares, Morty? Global acts of terrorism happen every day. Uh, here's something that's never happened before: I'm a pickle. I'm Pickle Rick!
Morty: Are you going to, I mean, you know, is this the first part of some magic trick?
Rick: I don't do magic, Morty, I do science. One takes brains, the other takes dark eye liner.
Morty: Well, can you move? Can you fly?
Rick: I wouldn't be much of a pickle if I could.
Morty: All right, well, do pickles live forever or --
Rick: Morty, stop digging for hidden layers and just be impressed. I'm a pickle.
Morty: I-I'm just trying to figure out why you would do this. Why anyone would do this.
Rick: The reason anyone would do this is, if they could, which they can't, would be because they could, which they can't.

Posted April 19th by Fox Forever

Million Dollar Extreme presents World Peace. Please youtue "charls fresh tap"

Posted April 23rd by MarvaIo

Wubba dub dub!!

Posted April 24th by Blake
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