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The Best Switch Pro Controller I have found
Posted: Posted August 1st, 2018 by Q

After trying the underwhelming official Switch Pro controller a while back and not being very impressed with it (Especially the horrible D-Pad) I did some research and found the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro controller. I looks almost like a SNES controller with a few additions and differences:

As you can tell from the front, compared to a real SNES controller the D-Pad and ABXY buttons have been raised up, as well as the Start and Select buttons. This is the make room for the Thumb Sticks, which feel just as good as the DualShock 4 or XBOX ONE controller thumbsticks. And are just as accurate when playing games like Fortnite and Breath of the while. It also feels great when playing retro inspired games like Octopath Traveler and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

As far as the size goes, it is almost the exact same size as a real SNES controller. It is only slightly larger at the bottom where the thumb stick moldings protrude out from the bottom a small amount. However, this doesn't affect the feel of the controller in the slightest.

The D-Pad is marvelous and is one of the best I have seen on a 3rd party brand. It feels just as good as the real SNES controller's D-Pad and doesn't seem to suffer the ghost inputs that happens with alot of 3rd party brands where their D-Pads cause unintended directions to be input. The controller also has the capture button , located below the D-Pad and the Home button, located below the B button.

As you can tell it has L2 and R2 buttons as well as the normal L and R. These work great and are very responsive for the games I already mention. They are digital, not analog like but if you've used the switch Joy-Cons or official Pro Controller then you'll know that those have digital trigger buttons also. There is also a USB-C charging port at the top of the controller and a sync button. It is super simple to connect and sync the controller to the Switch and only takes a minute.

The ony 2 draw backs I have seen with this controller is that it doesnt have a NFC reader for Amiibos and it doesn't display the battery charge in the controllers menu on the switch. But really neither of these bother me as I don't have an Amiibo and there is a LED at the top that will start blinking red when the controller gets low on charge.

The controller is also currently $20 cheaper than an official pro controller, making it a even better choice IMO. If anyone wants to get one I have provided a link to amazon below.


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