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So, I've been playing a lot of Terraria here lately. This all started a couple weekends ago when my irl friend decided to get it for xbox and we played it split-screen. Btw, doing inventory management on a split screen is a nightmare.

This was really fun and evidently terraria has a ton of new features since I last played it (and it had a lot then! ), plus a brand new hardmode with even more gameplay.

I realized I've had it on PC for many years, so decided to redownload and give it a go.

The PC version is even more advanced than the console version. Cool. I look at the wiki for new stuff.

This game apparently has a *mindblowing* amount of features now. Like the amount that a modern version of minecraft with a bunch of mods installed has. It's extremely fun, extremely addictive.

Does anyone else here play Terraria?

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At the moment I've got:

  • a full set of molten armor
  • a fiery greatsword
  • A space gun
  • a magic missile spell with good stats
  • an ice boomerang that I refuse to part with until I can get a thorn chakram or flamarang
  • a harpoon gun that kinda but doesn't totally replace the ice boomerang
  • some other new weapons I haven't tried yet (it seems like there's always new weapons)

    My main quests at the moment are:

  • Creating new worlds and collecting accessories. I've got some pretty decent jump power at the moment (cloud in a balloon + rocket boots + sandstorm in a bottle if I want it). Looking to get a bundle of balloons, the stuff to make tiger climbing gear, better diving supplies, etc.

  • Going through the dungeon to get a muramasa and other stuff. Dungeon is very fun and linear, will probably finish it out entirely.

  • Going through the jungle underground to get the stuff for the blade of grass (last piece of the night's edge) and thorn chakram.

  • trying to find a mushroom biome so I can make better healing potions and get truffle worms for fishing

    I kind of skipped a lot of progression steps -- I had tin and lead armor when I went to hell, was doing like 16 points of damage at a time, trying to mine hellstone with the reaver shark. Got some meteor armor eventually, used it to defeat the first boss for a better sword, which sped hell up a lot.

  • Edited February 14th, 2018 by Xhin
    Fractal icious

    Been awhile since I've been to GT...

    This post brings back memories of the old server group. Me, Moonray, Dooku, Helius, and Jo had our own little group back in the day with online play of Terraria. I miss those days. I should be getting a new laptop next month, and will def be getting back into it.

    Posted February 14th, 2018 by Aurelian
    Fire Lion
    Thunder Lion

    Does anyone else here play Terraria?

    No. No one on GTX0 players it. We never played it as a group several times either. Totally not.

    This game apparently has a *mindblowing* amount of features now.

    I say this to Jo all the time but I remember playing the game with Dooku when it first came out. The game only had three bosses (Eye, Worm and Skeletron) and basically ended at Skeletron.

    It's amazing how much different it is now. Even when it first came out I felt like I got my money's worth, so to look at it now when it's like at least 3x as much content and I've played it so many times... Definitely worth what I paid for it :P

    Posted February 14th, 2018 by Moonray

    I've been playing on and off since last summer; I had a friend of mine introduce me to it and we played together until just before endgame, and then I was off to the races. My main character is now as endgame as you can get -- full Solar Flare armor/wings/pickaxe/hamaxe, cellphone, Meowmere, Frostspark Boots, shields like crazy, etc. I can't even remember everything I have on me suffice to say that I've around 120 defense on that character.

    Long story short, I'm almost as addicted to Terraria as I am to Minecraft; the only reason I don't play Terraria more is because of school eating up most of my free time, and my friend's modded Minecraft server eating up the rest of it.

    Edited February 14th, 2018 by Black Yoshi

    Btw, doing inventory management on a split screen is a nightmare.

    I find inventory management on the PC version to be a nightmare, so I can't even imagine on a console. Or split screen. Guess that's what happens when you 10x the content and don't adjust the inventory size.

    I say this to Jo all the time but I remember playing the game with Dooku when it first came out.

    It's been pretty amazing to watch it develop over time. I felt it was worth the money in 1.0, considering I spent weeks playing it with different people.

    Posted February 14th, 2018 by Count Dooku
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