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Teams and groups
Posted: Posted September 29th, 2017 by Xhin


  • Staff -- already exists, probably going to be remodeled

  • Glitch specialists -- already exist, will hire as needed

  • Content Team -- in progress obviously

  • Advertising Team -- people to help with advertising the site. I have a bunch of tasks that I need people to do eventually but if they have good ideas we can also implement those.


  • NIFE Writers -- more of a loose collection of people that can contribute to writing descriptions, etc for NIFE games. (I'll be setting up some actual panels tomorrow finally)

  • Other NIFE stuff -- I have an idea (#11 on my NIFE roadmap) for specializing the Hosting process so we can conceivably start making lots of games without having to find people like Moonray that do everything for a game. (Moonray is really awesome)

  • Article Writers -- maybe some overlap with NIFE writers, these people would be writing for GTX0's quirks content system whenever I get around to finalizing it.

  • Channel Owners -- these people would own channels that use the v2 stream feature whenever I get around to that project.


    Optimally each team or group would get their own private forum (wouldn't show up on the quicklinks necessarily). I have the software to do this now. They would each be able to request things for me to develop for their little area and those requests would stay better organized, as would our discussions.

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    Moonray is really awesome

    Was that a compliment?

    Posted September 29th, 2017 by Moonray
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