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Posted: Posted February 11th
Edited February 11th by S.O.H.
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Hello friends! Just a quick update. I have two tattoos now, I got my second one done this past Saturday.

They are both on my left arm:

I got my first one end of November 2019 as a gift to myself for surviving Pre-Service Training:

From this past Saturday:

The first one is a shout out to my catholic background and faith in the big guy upstairs.

The second one is Roland the Gunsligner from the Dark Tower series. A series and character that I enjoy. (Granted 11/22/63 is my favorite Stephen King book)

I am happy with both pieces. I want to get the cross touched up a bit to make it darker and make the jewel inside a baby blue color.

I also need to talk to my artist to add a small cigar/ cigarette on the second piece. It is on the original image but my guy forgot. (I did not notice until last night. No harm no foul)

A third of my arm is still free, I want to get another piece done before going back home in June. I am strongly considering one of the following:

Android 18

Mexican Flag

I might do a full sleeve on my arm connecting them but we will see.

If you have any tattoos please post them below.

On my right arm I am planning to get these two before my time in Guatemala ends:


And on my forearm a tattoo of St. Jude:

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Nice! Congrats on the tats!

Really wish I had money for one. It's been far too long.

Posted February 11th by Jet Presto
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Really wish I had money for one. It's been far too long.

Perks of living in Guatemala. Tattoos are cheap. All together I spent $212 for these two. I have a good relationship with my tattoo guy so that helps lower the price a bit.

Posted February 11th by S.O.H.
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those are pretty sweet, dude

i have a horned triskelion on my left wrist and a red star (outlined in black) on my right forearm

Posted February 11th by poptart!
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