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Super Smash Bros Ultimate General Discussion
Posted: Posted December 11th, 2018
Edited December 11th, 2018 by Fox Forever

Just say whatever you want to about the game in here since it's been out for almost 5 days now. If you're going to talk about World of Light spoilers, please hide it and say that it's an adventure mode spoiler.

For reference I have spent 30 hours with the game on and about 11 hours of that have been in smash battles themselves. A lot of my time is spent doing the spirit board (over 250 spirits) and buying stuff from the in-game store (music and mii outfits mostly). I've barely touched WoL.

I've played with most newcomers and most of the old characters. The only newcomers I haven't touched are Ridley, Dark Samus, and Daisy. I really like Richter, K. Rool, and Incineroar. I've also come to really like Yoshi quite a bit since he feels different to me. Snake returning makes me feel great even if he feels less powerful than before. I enjoy many quality of life changes done to characters.

I think that the online in some ways is good and in some it's bad. There still seems to be small connection errors although it feels a lot less compared to previous iterations. The battle arena is pretty good in my experience. I just wish it was a little easier to change characters as I like variety and I change my characters just about every single match. The online is a different story as I don't like that you can't differentiate between for fun and for glory. Everyone's caught in the mix. I'm a person who couldn't care about the elite status, I just want to play. Also if I find a group of people who are fun I'd like to switch my character, but it seems impossible to do without leaving.

Lastly I just want to touch on stages. While I think all the returning stages are great, I'm really missing out on new ones. I feel a bit bad that we only have 4 new ones. If I could sacrifice a few of them for new ones (Hanenbow, Pac-Land, Golden Plains, etc.) I think that I would. This part of the game feels like a missed area.

Would love to know what everyone else thinks.

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So far I am pretty impressed with the game. I haven't touched many characters yet as the only game I've played remotely seriously was Melee (missed out on Brawl and didn't play Smash 4 much); I've also not have much energy/time due to work recently).

I've only specifically been playing WoL and haven't gone online yet. I am glad you gave your opinions about online as I am thinking about trying that out eventually.

Posted December 11th, 2018 by Forte Lambardi

Having played every single Smash at least somewhat seriously (especially Smash 4 and Brawl), I can say that Ultimate is pretty damned impressive. Only thing it's missing for me is a stage builder mode like we had on Brawl and Sm4sh U. I'd love it if they combined those two versions together into one mode, so you could draw the stage like in Smash U, but you could also use preset blocks like in Brawl and have access to many, MANY more options besides.

Posted December 11th, 2018 by Black Yoshi

I managed to score a smash themed switch which of course comes with the game. Haven't had the chance to play it yet. I am pretty hyped though.

Posted December 12th, 2018 by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

I've probably played at least 15 hours. I've probably put 1-2 hours in WoL(if you include spirits mode). I've put most of my time in classic mode, and then vs mode against cpu. I'm actually playing that 5vs5 tag team the most in smash mode. Pretty fun overall. I still have like 25 characters to unlock.. Just unlocked 2 of my smash 4 mains today: Roy and Dr Mario. I feel the buffs man, and I'm digging it. Regular Link got some buffs too, and some people are pulling crazy jab lock combos with his freaking bomb. Lucario my err other main got some buffs too but not nearly as noticable as Roy and DR Mario.

In terms of new comers and old vets I didn't touch in previous games.. I'm really digging King K Rool and Simon Belmont.
I have yet to unlock Incineroar, and I just unlocked Ridley and will see how he is tomorrow or the day after. In terms of vets, I'm really digging YL and Snake.

Haven't touched online yet cause I haven't bought it yet. We're supposed to get another patch next week. Hopefully its to address online issues(can we get for glory back again?) and some input lag. I don't want any characters to get nerfed. /:

Posted December 12th, 2018 by ShadowFox08

Having played every single Smash at least somewhat seriously (especially Smash 4 and Brawl), I can say that Ultimate is pretty damned impressive.

Yes, I've played all of them and I can say at least fighting mechanic wise it feels like the most leveled. It's also seemingly the easiest to get into as a 3 stock match a lot of time ends up only lasting 2 minutes because it's so fast paced. It's also incredibly easy to rack up the damage even with less powerful characters. They all seem to be decent this time around and I struggle to find one that I think just outright sucks. I fought a friend who's just about on my level last night and after playing many Jigglypuff mirrors I chose random and was given Pichu (who I didn't like in Melee and never play as) and he actually felt really good and I almost won as him. He feels really viable.

I will say that I somewhat miss things like HRC and the target test (the melee one, not so much the one from 4 or Brawl). It would be nice to have them back. But having almost 1300 spirits to get really makes me feel like there's so much content. Each match being tailored specifically to the spirit. That's some determination.

I am glad you gave your opinions about online as I am thinking about trying that out eventually.

Since I've been playing more online, let me maybe give a bit more detail into the online portion at least based on my recommendation. The Battle Arena lets you jump into specific rooms that have rules outlined. You can make your own private one to play with your friends or you can have a public one where you play against anyone. This feels really good to play and makes it so that every person has to be present to play, otherwise you get pushed out to spectate. You can also determine rotation such as certain people leave in a smash game or not.

Quickplay on the other hand has issues at least for now. Currently, if you get disconnected (for ANY reason, including the other person disconnects) then you lose GSP (which is basically a number that says how many other players you're better than). If you ever want to rematch a person you can only play as the same character you chose last game. If you say no you get kicked back to the quickplay search. If you only want to play 1 v 1s with competitive rules, there's a chance you can get thrown into FFAs or 1 v 1's with items or stamina mode, etc. When choosing the battle arena you know what rules you're going to get as they are stated and can't be changed unless you make a new room. If you can't find one you can always make your own.

One thing I will commend is that you can search your recently played players and throw them a friend request if you enjoyed smashing with them. This is a major step in the right direction at least in terms of an online friends list.

We're supposed to get another patch next week. Hopefully its to address online issues(can we get for glory back again?) and some input lag. I don't want any characters to get nerfed. /:

Yes I hope that they fix some of these online issues. While I don't always want to play for glory it's good to know what you're going to get. Patches might nerf some people but I'm not sure how much they can figure out and do so fast, I mean the game's been out for 6 days now, haha. Also yes Roy is INCREDIBLE and so is Chrom who feels like a much faster Roy with a worse recovery. Don't know if you know it but you can turn their neutral specials around and face the other way which blew my mind and tricked my friend who had no idea. Simon/Richter is also great but I will hint and say never bother recovering with up b unless you need to. Use side A instead and they'll tether to the stage (from pretty far away mind you). I thought they had horrible recovery at first but didn't know how to tether. Also making use of their side b and neutral b it can add a lot of damage to enemies.

Posted December 12th, 2018 by Fox Forever

Chrom is as fast as Roy, but no sour spots and does consistently good damage.. Just his recovery though. People are still putting him high and on par with Roy overall in the preliminary tier lists at least.

Man projectile users are the funnest to use by far. Going off tangent here, but I'm also just really impressed at the roster in general, which makes the game more fun. Not just the size, but how unique most are. You don't have just the stereotypical weight classes with lighter low damage but faster attack and ground and good frame rate data fheik like Sheik and heavy, strong but slow and awful recovery fighters like Ganondorf. There's so much in between.

-Glass cannons like Mewtwo that are light in weight, good recovery+anti projectile and powerfull.. And he happens to be tall and floaty as well
-small medium weight characters with high power and incredible frame data with medicore movement speed and meh recovery
-Projectile happy heavy characters with crazy range, at the cost of low movement speed and recovery. Simon Belmont..
-Then you have heavy characters with average to lower than average speed with a ton of projectiles and godly recovery (snake and k rool come to mind)
-and Lucario.. less than average power but has an aura gimmick that makes him more powerful the more damage he takes.

Just so many random combinations of attributes in characters like speed, frame data, power, weight, etc.

Even Ganondorf got some improvements like really fast aerials. Stuff like this really makes me appreciate the work devs put in this game.. Its just the small stuff.

Edited December 13th, 2018 by ShadowFox08

Iíve only been playing classic mode. Havenít gone online yet. My favourite new characters so far are Dark Samus and Shulk, but I havenít played enough to really have a main yet. I miss how you used to have to do specific tasks to unlock a character, you know what I mean? Like beat a stage in under a certain time with Link to unlock Young Link. Now you just have to play classic mode which unlocks a character each time essentially at random. I also find that playing with the Switch controller sucks shit. If I press up too hard the controller slides out of the plastic holster, ruining whatever it is Iím doing in game. Is that a common thing? I can only play with a 3rd party traditional-style controller I bought.

Posted January 10th by MarvaIo
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