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Super mario party now available for the Nintendo switch, the first game is the franchise to have online play.
Posted: Posted October 5th
Edited October 5th by Weid mario party

Finally this game ej have meaning to play since all of the other Mari parties I have had to play against retarded computer players unless my friends are available to come over which is very slim now that they all work 24/7.

Online play will just have min-game mode apparently.

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I eat my own words now I just found out via reviews that I my does NOT have online play. Well duck you Nintendo i’m Not getting this game because of your bullshit. This is a MULTI-player game, it’s not the same thing as odyssey is but more like mario kart is.!

Posted October 5th by Weid man

It doesn't have full online play, but there is an online mode.

Edited October 6th by Black Yoshi

We should all band together and not get this game. Once again like I was in MP10. Very disappointed no online play

Posted October 6th by Brandy

just for that I'm buying it

Posted October 6th by Pirate_Ninja

Like I said, there is an online mode, it just revolves around the minigames.

Posted October 6th by Black Yoshi

I bought it on a whim last night. Had fun for 1 game. Weird that you need just 10 coins for a star and 30 coins to steal from other players.

Posted October 6th by Fox Forever

I’ll ask my mom to buy this game for me tomorrow for my birthday by going to and purchading it at GameStop after going to church. I thought that welsh gamer said that the switch is compatible with the GameCube controllers through available adapters which works on the switch now.

Posted October 7th by Weid man

I’ll have to wait till Christmas to get tennis aces open my mom says but regardless I think my friends would all be wanting to play mario party and everyone playing mario party right now. Chance time makes the mario party communist.

Posted October 7th by Weid man
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