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Streamlining NIFE Notes
Posted: Posted April 11th
Edited April 11th by Xhin
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I'd like to start working on NIFE again.

The last couple of years I've added a ridiculous amount of functionality to NIFE. That's great. However the sheer amount of features and lack of focus has made both the user experience and world creator experiences suffer. There's so much to work with, so many options and plugins and random sources of documentation, that building anything with it is basically impossible.

So, while I'll continue to add new features (which is probably a neverending process), this year I'd like to focus on streamlining it for creators and players.

Living Worlds

The first game type I'd like to work on is Living Worlds. These are multi-player game worlds where pretty much everything is static, although the Host can certainly change things. The focus for the player is exploration and Lore -- these are meant to be immersive worlds where the Host is building things for the player to see. It ties in directly to [Worldbuilding] -- the hosts should be worldbuilders, so the tools and panels should be set up for promoting that without there being 948593853 plugins in the way.

Panels used:

  • Game Settings (though streamlined since it's not a "game" exactly).

  • Rooms

    Plugin panels:

  • Fast Travel

  • Weather

  • Character Talking

  • The Grid

  • Lore

    Optional plugin packs

  • Items / Crafting / Shops / Mines

  • Machines / Events / Conditions (so the world isn't that static after all)

  • Crops

    There should be a way of turning off the safety and importing whatever NIFE system you want, but the focus is going to be on the above, with tutorials and other guides to that effect.

    Improvements that would make this game type better

  • Tables, specifically Lore Tables, so you could, for example, go into a library and read lore about the world only while you're there.

  • Conversations v2 so conversations are more interesting.

  • Maps would be pretty cool.

    Necessary interface updates

  • More actions embedded in the interface itself. This is planned anyway, but having a smaller project like this will be a good way to get started without changing *everything*.

  • Eliminate unnecessary actions like item manipulation, stealing, etc.

  • See your conversations with characters in the interface itself.

  • Cut out anything not strictly necessary like player actions, player messages, etc. Though being able to leave notes for other players would be neat.

  • Don't show players on the room description.

  • Streamline the Journal and maybe semi-streamline the Profile as well. Basically just need a good amount of player experience polish in general.

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    Adventure Classic

    This game type is meant for games that follow the old Adventure game formula -- multi-player competitive/cooperative games, with a lot of Host-player interaction via manual actions and a lot of player-player interaction as well. Here, automatic actions are used for convenience or to set up specific game mechanics, but aren't meant for complex long-term systems.

    Panels used

  • All of them.

    Plugins used

  • Events / Procedures

  • Conditional Items

  • Character Talking

  • Machines

  • Sparring System / Traps (though this should at least be optional -- not all games are going to involve combat). Also things related like Potions.

    Optional plugins

  • Basically all of them, except they should be grouped better into plugin packs depending on what you're trying to do exactly.

  • Could probably exclude Foe Spawn, Skills, Lootboxes, Lore, Quests, maybe Summons. Those are intended for a different game type. Again, you *can* add them if you turn the safety off.

    Plugin updates that would improve things

  • Basically nothing. Everything that would make this game type better was already added in NIFE v4.

    Necessary interface updates

  • Obviously, profile/journal updates

  • Player messages should be more visible

  • Secret Club integration, as well as NIFE-specific clubs (like maybe a club for Aliens).

    Advertising goal

    What I'd like to do is set up "Scenarios" via game mechanics and then advertise to Hosts to run it. There would be a separate set of tutorials for these types of Hosts, who would mostly handle manual actions and/or make changes to the game world but wouldn't need to set things up initially.

    Ideally, Game Instancing would be set up and we could instance a game engine every time we ran a specific game scenario -- this would save a loooooooooot of work on my end between games, but isn't strictly necessary.

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