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Still look for you every now and then
Posted: Posted March 8th, 2019 by Learna
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Just being nostalgic.
I miss you guys.

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Hey Lea. I miss everyone too.

Posted March 8th, 2019 by Castrael
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More than a decade and sometimes it still feels like yesterday

Posted March 8th, 2019 by Learna
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Those people, and the time you had here, it will always be in your heart.

Posted March 8th, 2019 by LLight
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Totally agree, since most of my childhood was spent here as well.

Posted March 9th, 2019 by Castrael
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I wish my life wasn’t slavery as a child in school so that they could realize that social networking is a BILLION times more important than doing homework which isn’t constructive for me. The only homework they really need to be done in the real world is to find cures for terminal diseases.

Still had a few years or so to spend my time on GT and make lots of friends from, wished I had it all and wished I had started chemotherapy when I was 13 even if that may be unsafe in the doctor’s opinions and and not proven facts, which could have spared my largely broken message-abort today. If I had time for GT 24/7 I’d have everyone added on FB or at least know everyone from the site on FB. Wouldn’t make them all add me I’d just have a fuckload more friends added from this site. GUNDAMN YOU HOMEWORK! Education isn’t everything. Social networking is everything. Castrael is already well qualified to become a writer imo and shouldn’t have to waste her money on education which she dowsn’t even need. She’s already talented and it’s. not prideful to think that you don’t need to go to school to do high quality jobs. Education isn’t of God, gametalk is much more important to spend time on.

Posted March 9th, 2019 by Weic man
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Oh I'll never be able to forget. Even if I wanted to, haha! Y'all are stuck in my head forever!

Castrael write you ass off girl!
I have been suffering major writers block. I wish books could just write themselves- cause writing is fucking hard! They don't teach you that in school.

Edited March 9th, 2019 by Learna
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Haha, grammar is still a pain for me tbh. Also, I’m still keeping that promise of having Alefroux in my novel. It’s just, every time I begin to write I end up not liking it by like two to three pages in. Ugh! I agree. I’m hoping to make it an Adult Fantasy book. YA Fantasy is blend. Lol.

I have a Creative Writing assignment in my History class and I’m not sure what to write about. I’m thinking of having it set during the Olive Branch Petition.

Lol, thx I guess, weid. I still want the Education.

Posted March 9th, 2019 by Castrael
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The only importance to go to school for imo is to make friends. One of my friends happens to have asperger’s and also desf (wears a hearing aid and a cochlear implant and she’s like you she loves anime she is already well verified imo to be an artist and author imo. She also bakes. Playing video games is much more important than getting an education. The only homework that needs to be done in reality is to find cures for unbearable disabilities. We do NOT need to take two periods of English in sixth grade and take them all four years of high school. Just a reminder speed book pro says that English is a very shitty major but that shouldb’t stop you from your lifelong goals to live in a fantasy anime land! It’s just that wages will be relatively low unlike math and science which have sky high wages. Eagle is having to work his way to the top for a doctoral degree in some form of journalism just to be able to compensate for his expenditures. Meanwhile, my sister obtained her four year accounting degree in 2014 and is now a CPA making very high wages. I’m sure it may take you awhile before you can make a good living from your career path. There’s nothing wrong with either your choice joe eagle’s, it’s just not very rewarding like it would be for an accountant or doctor or any math and science field degrees. Your love is writing so you should be the next JK Rawlings (remember if that last judge had not approved her first Harry Potter book then it wouldn’t exist today).

We could roleplay to US history for your creative writing assignment. I never wanted to do homework, it interfered with my time on gametalk which is way more important. The only real problem in the world today is having any disability and poverty. So we should be spending all of our nation’s budget on healthcare and welfare, NOT THE WALL!

Posted March 9th, 2019 by weid man
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Posted March 9th, 2019 by Castrael
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Well... that was a wall of text. Not sure what the hell was said but... okay.
Not sure what you mean by not as rewarding, I'm a nurse and my work is plenty rewarding, just as much as anyone else's. You doing have to be a doctor or rocket scientist to enjoy or take pride in what you do.
But I digress, Cas when you finally publish your book I want a signed copy! I'm all about some high fantasy!
I've been writing a lot of dark horror myself so YA is definitely not the route I'd be able to go 😂😂😂

Posted March 24th, 2019 by Learna
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