Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Thoughts
Posted: Posted November 17th
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I have played several hours of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as of this post. I don't write this lightly...but JFO is probably the best Star Wars game I've ever played.

Part Zelda, part Dark Souls, part Uncharted, part Metroid, Respawn has crafted and blended those games' elements together to create the Star Wars gaming experience I've longed for all my life. The story is pretty darn engaging, something I've never felt a Star Wars game has ever achieved. Exploration is fun and rewarding. Combat is elegant and requires real patience on the harder difficulties like a Jedi would. The music is great! I'm very impressed with the sound design! Voice acting is top notch too. And most importantly...the characters and planets FEEL like Star Wars characters and planets--likeable and creative.

There are framerate and visual pop in problems here and there. Especially if you're playing on a base PS4.... But this has not been anything that has dampened my experience. On the highest difficulty, you die A LOT and the loading times are horrendous after you die. I reccomend playing on the second hardest difficulty because figuring out enemies' patterns is trial and error and dying repeatedly and having to wait a minute or so really kills the pace.

You know how critics tout that a game makes you feel like Batman or Spiderman? JFO makes you feel like a Jedi for the first time in gaming (in my experience).JFO is to Star Wars games what Arkham Asylum was to Batman games. And while I haven't beat it yet, I feel confident in stating that you won't have a better experience playing as a Jedi in any other Star Wars game (sorry, Knights of the Old Republic fans...I never enjoyed standing around while my character automatically swings his/her lightsaber like an MMO).

If you love Star Wars and you love video games, Jedi Fallen Order is very much worth your time and money. Please let EA know THIS is the kind of quality game--not just Star Wars game--people want to see made by buying Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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Yeah, I put it on my Steam wishlist as soon as I saw the trailer for it. Can't wait for it to go on sale, because it looks fucking amazing. It looks like a modern version of the old Jedi Academy games.

Posted November 18th by Axem Great Water
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I'm not super far into it, maybe a couple hours. I like it, but its combat feels...clunky... Like, it definitely wants to be sort of Dark Souls and sort of Uncharted (which, I loved those games, but do we really still need climbing mechanics in games?) I know it takes getting used to, but I'm not super into the parry mechanic or the dodge mechanic. They just feel...a little shaky and untrustworthy to me so far.

Fighting Stormtroopers is definitely the highlight. Been on a world fighting creatures and boy, that isn't exactly highlighting the strength of combat.

But, and I say this too about Death Stranding, can developers PLEASE start making their prompts and text, like, big? This shit is really starting to get out of hand...

Posted November 18th by Jet Presto
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I know it takes getting used to, but I'm not super into the parry mechanic or the dodge mechanic. They just feel...a little shaky and untrustworthy to me so far.

I've never played any of the Souls/Bloodbourne type games, so I assumed this was just me being bad, but I'm missing tons of parries and I don't see much reason why I should be missing them. It could still just be my fault though.

I haven't had any problems with the text/prompts. They look big enough to me.

The loading times are awful though. Thankfully there's no loading unless you die though, which is really nice, but man it sucks when you die.

This is the first AAA game in ~years~ that I've fallen in love with. It's not the best Star Wars game though, because it's not KOTOR II.

Posted November 18th by The Bandit
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I'm sure Dark Souls has a more refined combat system. I just enjoy the Star Wars universe and DEFINITELY it's story and characters a million times more. Dark Souls suffers from what I like to call "poor Western RPG storytelling", which turns me off from most Western RPGs (save the Mass Effect trilogy and The Witcher 3). I have played through the first Dark Souls, but I really disliked it.

Basically, I find JFO more enjoyable than a Souls game because everything else is more fun and engaging aside from combat. But then, pretty much any game that specializes in the various things JFO steals from does it better than JFO. JFO just combines a little of each of these things and makes the most enjoyable Star Wars game I've played. I hope Respawn makes a more polished sequel down the road. Without a doubt, it's the kind of quality Star Wars games should be aiming to shoot and refine for.

I don't disagree that the combat can feel clunky. It just takes some getting the hang of. Aside from the first Souls game, I haven't really played any Soulsborne game. Maybe that's why I find it clunky at times?

Posted November 18th by Laxan
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Also, I agree about the text in the menus being too small. However, you CAN enlarge subtitles. But why couldn't they program that for menus as well?

Posted November 18th by Laxan
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The game certainly looks good but it's on my "todo" list. I've got other games I'm playing right now and woul like to finish before buying something else.

Will probably buy it with the steam gift card that my brother will almost assuredly get me at Christmas :)

Posted November 18th by Moonray
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Oh, yeah, I mean, I've played plenty of games with clunky combat or gameplay that feels a little off. It's not bad enough that I'm not still enjoying it. I mostly just notice it right now against creatures. Less so stormtroopers.

I'm also not sure what exactly you mean by Dark Souls suffering from "poor Western RPG storytelling." If anything, it's very non-traditional in its storytelling, by Eastern or Western standards. Its story is much more akin to, say, the original Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda than any Western narrative driven games. (Speaking in terms of its narrative. I'm not sure there are many games in any sphere of the world that do the kind of storytelling that Souls games do.)

I haven't had any problems with the text/prompts. They look big enough to me.

Cool. You have better than eyes than me. Doesn't mean they couldn't have made the prompts and text a little bigger or clearer so that those of us with worse vision can have the same experience that you with better vision have. (Will never understand why, "It's not a problem for me, someone with better vision" is such a common response to criticism of font size... But *every time* I say this, I can rely on someone making this point. Like, great! Glad your vision is good enough that their small prompts aren't an issue for you! That's not my experience. Would be nice to just have someone be like, "Dang, that stinks" rather than dismissal.)

(Changing the subtitles size is great. Glad they include that. Would love that they allow that in menus, though. It's definitely less an issue in Fallen Order than it is in Death Stranding [which is gaaaarbage with its font], but this stuff makes it harder for me to get into. I'm not sure I understand why there aren't options.)

Edited November 18th by Jet Presto
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what does it offer that isn't in The Force Unleashed, KOTOR, or Jedi Knight?

Posted November 18th by tnu
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Dark Souls barely has a story there. That's what I mean by poor Western RPG story. The characters are practically nonexistent as well, unlike Mass Effect and The Witcher 3 (the prime example as to the type of stories a Western RPG should tell). I get that there's a bunch of lore and "environmental storytelling." But I despise it when games rely on a bunch of unrelated text to tell a game's so-called story...like reading books or codex. I really hate when games overdo that. When a lengthy RPG has little to no story within the context of its events and characters, I get bored with it.

I guess it also really bugs me because a lot of these games take influence from The Lord of the Rings...which has great characters and story. That just boggles my mind.

@tnu: Probably a more engaging/refined combat system. You don't feel like an overpowered god. You feel like a padawan becoming a Jedi. The Force Unleashed in particular suffered from a very mediocre combat system in comparison. I love the strategy involved with utilizing the Force wisely in tandem with parrying instead of mindlessly slashing through hordes of enemies.

While I can't speak for Jedi Knight, JFO has the most "Star Wars" story and characters that actually feels like Star Wars in any game I've played.

I think this game also has one of the best level designs in any Star Wars game when it comes to exploration. It very much takes after Metroidvania games in that regard.

And maybe I'm wrong, but the music sounds SOOOO much like a Star Wars game should. I feel it's the best OST in any Star Wars game I've played.

Again, it is a Star Wars game. You'll see things you've seen before. There isn't really anything new gameplay wise. But there doesn't always need to be anything "new" in games to be great. It's all about the execution.

Edited November 18th by Laxan
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Cool. You have better than eyes than me.

i was just giving my thoughts you goddamn weirdo, relax

That's not my experience. Would be nice to just have someone be like, "Dang, that stinks" rather than dismissal.

YES exactly, not my experience. Why is it okay for you to express your experience but I'm not allowed to express mine? I wasn't calling you a liar, I wasn't saying having the option to change the text sizes are a bad thing, I was just saying, "hm, haven't noticed that." That isn't dismissal you gigantic fucking baby.

Posted November 18th by The Bandit
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