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Spyro Reignited Announced For PS4 and Xbox One
Posted: Posted April 5th
Edited April 5th by Vandy

EDIT: Confirmed to be releasing Sept 21 2018
Announcement trailer:


Lots of rumors circulating today stating that a Spyro trilogy remaster similar to the Crash trilogy remaster will be announced very soon.

Amazon leak?


Screenshot comparisons:

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Okay so this French trailer was posted. Looks real.

Posted April 5th by Vandy

Posted April 5th by Moonray

Now all I need is confirmation of a Switch/PC version and it will be perfect.

Posted April 5th by Moonray

English trailer:

Posted April 5th by Vandy

Year of the dragon was the first game I ever fully completed. Looking forward to this!

Posted April 5th by S.o h.
S.o h.

I got Year of the Dragon as a Christmas gift when I was in 4th grade. As soon as I started playing that afternoon, our power went out due to a snow storm. Our power didn't come back until two weeks later. It was a rough wait.

Posted April 5th by Vandy

Spyro 2 is still my favourite in the trilogy, though I did 100% it and Year of the Dragon.

Also its subtitle was Gateway to Glimmer here in the UK instead of Ripto's Rage... I guess UK kids aren't allowed to have enemies who rage or something.

Posted April 5th by Moonray

Loved Ripto and Year of the Dragon, with the latter being the first Playstation game I ever owned. Glad I'll get a chance to play the original.

Posted April 5th by Bubba

The three original Spyro games are three of my favorite games ever. I remember playing the demo of the first one way back when I first got a Playstation and begging my parents to get me the full game (a neighbor had it and I frequently went over to play it there). Year of the Dragon was my favorite since it allowed you to play with different characters at different points, but they're all great. I know I hit 100% on 1 and 3, not sure on 2 (don't think I ever did so as a child, and when I went back a couple of years ago my disc was too scratched up to complete certain levels IIRC).

Posted April 5th by white lancer

I bought the series on PSone originally and rebought them digitally on the PSN store for PS3.

I hope they announce a switch version since they announced Crash Nsane trilogy is coming to the switch.

Posted April 5th by Q

rebought them digitally on the PSN store for PS3.

this was an option? I thought they were removed along with crash.

Posted April 12th by S.O.H.

Huh I don't think you can buy it on the vita or download it with out a ps3 transfer

Posted April 12th by S.o.h

Yeah may only be available on PS3. Honestly I bought the games back in 2010 and put them on my PSP.

Posted April 12th by Q
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