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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Won't get into it too much for now, but I just watched this thing tonight, and holy cow did I love it! It's so much fun. Visually, it was really engaging, although those used to a cleaner, more traditional style of CGI animation might have some trouble adjusting to the comic book, ben day dots style. (I personally loved it.) It really gets its visual transmission into gear when the three lesser Spider-folk show up. Spider-man Noir, Peni Parker, and Spider-Ham all have their own distinct look separate from the main world the story takes place in. And, of course, things get really wild by the end.

I loved the visual aesthetic a lot. Just found it a lot of fun, and it felt like watching a comic book. I don't know that a movie has done such a good job sort of capturing that feeling since Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

The cast is great (John Mulaney as Peter Porker is perfect, and Nic Cage as Spider-man Noir is hilarious). I loved the message of the film (something sort of meta in a way). The character relationships are really well developed for a Sony superhero flick.

And really, the humor is great. This is sort of like The LEGO Movie a bit in that kids can easily enjoy it, but there is plenty for the adults (especially the comic book nerds) in the audience. I laughed a-plenty.

Killer soundtrack, too. Was really into it! In my opinion, easily the best Spider-man movie Sony has produced. (Also in my opinion, the best Spidey film since Spider-man 2, but I admit to being one of the few who didn't care about Homecoming, although I do love Tom Holland as Spider-man).

Highly recommend it, especially if you are a fan of animation. We could use more stuff like this, and, frankly, it's nice for a studio to remember that - since it's going to be a ton of CGI anyway - there's no reason you can't make an animated superhero film for the big screen in earnest.

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I just saw this the other day and I loved it. Just a smart, visually captivating and daring film that took a franchise that could easily be strung-out and managed to make it feel new. Using Miles Morales as the protagonist definitely helps in that regard, and I'd love to see him show up in the MCU as well (though not if it means losing Tom Holland). He just felt so real, so relatable, yet still distinct from the various Parker incarnations we've seen up to this point, and the way he develops across the film is spectacular. They did a great job of making you feel for him, because really, that kid goes through the wringer in this film. Definitely agree that it was one of the funniest films I've seen in a while, worth the price of admission for the humor alone (the "Bagel!" effect was a highlight). I'll also say that a certain moment early in the film hit pretty hard, though it was unfortunately predictable if you saw any of the trailers (which were hard to avoid).

I did feel like I was missing out on some of the cool Spidey-references by not being a comic book aficionado, and in a particular a couple of the villains had me shrugging my shoulders...though most of them are among the more well-known ones (AKA the ones that have been in the live-action films). And the three introduced later got a bit of short shrift in my book, though they each had their moments.

Posted January 1st by white lancer

Yeah, there's definitely a lot there for long-time fans. But I think it's telling that you got a lot out of the movie overall even if you didn't get some of the Spidey references. It's the mark of a well balanced film, I think, to have something for everyone to enjoy.

Posted January 1st by Jet Presto

Oh, yes. It was definitely a great movie as a stand-alone, and the fact that comics fans would probably get more out of it than I did is probably a mark in its favor more than anything! I appreciate it when writers are able to throw in those nods to hardcore fans while still being able to appeal to a wider audience--it shows that they're not just in it for the spectacle and money, but also for the love of the character and their history.

Posted January 1st by white lancer

would a non spiderman fan enjoy this?

Posted January 8th by S.O.H.

I've heard from people who don't really care about superheroes in general, and they found it to be a really good time. Obviously, can't say anything definitive. It's art. But it did just win a Golden Globe for best animated film, and I can't imagine too many of those people care that much about superheroes.

Posted January 8th by Jet Presto

Saw this today. Very solid. Especially notable for the complex and refined visual style. Soundtrack was decent, except for the snobbish jab at mumble rap. Character writing was very solid. Storyline was decent, but suffered from typical superhero handwaving and some nonsensical shots/points that sacrificed believability and clarity in service of drama. Minor negatives compared to the overall picture. Would recommend for pop-culture consumers and animation/cinematography/film students.

Posted January 17th by nullfather
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