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Spiderman Far from Home Trailer (SERIOUS END GAME SPOILERS)
Posted: Posted May 6th by S.O.H.

There are some serious end game spoilers in this trailer. Please dont watch it unless youve seen endgame or if you just dont care.

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This trailer actually confirms some ideas I had after watching Endgame.

Edited May 6th by Q

I dunno, man. I know they tried to do this with Spider-Man after Secret Wars, but I'm not sure I like this direction.

I dunno. I'm not quite sure this works in the way that they think it does. But some of it does, in principle, excite me about the future of the MCU.

Posted May 6th by Jet Presto

Edited May 6th by S.O.H.

You know, Spider-Man homecoming on the second watch through really outlines how little purpose or point the movie actually has. My grandfather watched an hour of it and gave up, and told me he still didn't know what they were trying to do.

Posted May 6th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

Well the point of the movie is to establish a connection between Tony Stark and Peter Parker so that they can do all that stuff in Infinity War and Endgame. Obvi.

Posted May 6th by Jet Presto

Posted May 6th by S.O.H.

All that being said, I'm still pretty pumped for this movie. I love Holland in the role and Marvel has a good track record, and I'm excited to see where they go with the MCU after Endgame.

Edited May 6th by white lancer

Okay Jet but not everyone has time to see literally every MCU movie. These movies need to have a point on their own.

Edited May 6th by Renzokuken

I agree. I said that tongue-in-cheek. While I am a big fan of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, I'm not a big fan of Homecoming.

Posted May 6th by Jet Presto

I dont think I will be as involved with things after this phase is over. I'll keep up with the Falcon and Bucky show because I enjoyed their partner ship in civil war.

Posted May 6th by S.o h.
S.o h.

Fair. For me, we're finally getting to focus on the characters I like more. While I did read a lot of Iron Man or Cap or Thor comics, the best comics to my mind were the ones that weren't the flagship characters. (Barring some exceptions. Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America was great. Matt Fraction had a pretty good Thor series briefly. Warren Ellis had a great little Iron Man arc.) To me, it was the "second tier" characters that stood out more. Often because they didn't need to be so managed by executives to protect the brand (although I still have no idea how they thought "Cap was secretly a Nazi" thing was a good idea on any level).

So if the future of the Marvel cinematic universe is mostly Guardians, Dr. Strange, Valkyrie, Black Panther, or other (previously) less known characters, well, it's telling that those have also been some of the most visually engaging and intriguing films in the MCU. I'll be excited to move away from the more "grounded" characters like Iron Man and Captain America, as much as I loved Chris Evans in the role.

Posted May 7th by Jet Presto

I expect I will still remain similarly invested in the movies as long as they continue to be quality, though I definitely understand people being willing to move on. Endgame was a fitting sendoff for the first segment of the MCU and would work rather well if it were capping off the whole series (though there are certainly a number of characters that have much more story that can be told). Personally, I am more invested in the grounded characters than the cosmic ones, but there are still a few of them out there that will keep my appetite sated including Spider-Man and Black Panther. And I expect I'll still be interested in the new slate of characters moving forward.

Some future notes that involve Endgame spoilers:

Posted May 8th by white lancer

That's fair. I've always loved the weirder characters in the comics because that tends to be where writers and artists get a little more freedom. I kinda feel like so far in the MCU, that has also been true. The more visually interesting and unique films have been the less grounded ones. I'll be happy to get something that looks less bland and generic than a Russo brothers or John Favreau film.

Posted May 8th by Jet Presto

Look, is no one as excited about the Asgardians of the Galaxy as I am? I mean Thor and Rabbit have become best buds!

Posted May 8th by Q

GOTG2 was the weakest film Ive seen in the MCU. So I am not excited for a sequel.

Posted May 8th by S.O.H.

I swear, SOH, I don't think we agree on anything as far as the MCU movies go lol. For me, GOTG2 is a contender for the top 5 MCU flicks and possibly outdoes the original (it's very close either way). I'm more excited for GOTG3 than I am for just about any coming film aside maaaaaybe from Black Panther 2.

The more visually interesting and unique films have been the less grounded ones.

Sure, that's fair. I think this is where our difference of preference lies--for me, cool visuals are a nice added touch to a film, but they're ultimately secondary. Comes from being an English major, I suppose. So films where the visuals are the primary draw (Avatar, for instance) don't hold much interest for me. Now, I don't think that applies to the MCU films in general, as a lot of the most visually impressive films in the MCU have also hit the beats I'm looking for. So it's definitely not mutually exclusive.

Posted May 8th by white lancer

I really enjoyed GOTG2.

Posted May 8th by Q

I totally agree that GOTG Vol. 2 is one of the better. I honestly prefer it to Vol 1 for various reasons (that I'll get to someday, I hope!) Both of them are really up there for me.

And I also totally agree that visuals don't really mean that much if the story is weak. I'm not so sure that I think many of the Marvel movies have actually had super great stories overall, especially the grounded, earth-based ones. Like, if we're going to get the kinds of stories that we get in, like, Iron Man or Captain America movies, I'm gonna need some more visual stuff to keep an interest. (I also think the benefit of great or interesting visuals is that it can mask some of the story's weaknesses, as it pertains to films. Like, Dr. Strange is...ok...but because of the visuals, I wound up really enjoying it more because I found it actively fun to watch.

I don't mean to imply that they should only or just think about the visuals. But I do think opening those up fundamentally opens up the kinds of stories one can tell.

Posted May 9th by Jet Presto

Yeah, I'd agree that most MCU stories aren't amazing or anything. Mostly they're fairly predictable action flicks that culminate in the hero just being slightly better in punching a bad guy with a similar powerset. My priorities would be something like characters (not just development, but also nuance and sheer enjoyability) > plot (including pacing and coherency) > theme > visuals (including action), music, humor, and other aspects that I consider bonuses but not necessary. If I find the characters interesting, I'll typically enjoy the film regardless of visuals unless there are massive pacing issues, plot holes, or troublesome themes. I'd obviously prefer that all elements are done well, but that's a difficult feat to accomplish (it's also why I tend to put Black Panther at the top, as I think it does the best job at hitting all of the different aspects)!

Maybe I'd feel differently if I had ever studied filmmaking techniques or something, I dunno. But like I said, I'm used to not having any visuals at all via literature, so I've never really needed spectacular visuals to feel satisfied by any given work. In fact, I think it's often the case that creators focus on spectacle at the cost of good storytelling and character work (e.g. the recent seasons of Game of Thrones, or Avatar). Ultimately, though, this is more of a personal preference thing than a "this is how movies should be judged" thing.

Oddly enough, Doctor Strange was the biggest riser for me on my most recent rewatch, and not because of the visuals. I mean, they're obviously great, but I already knew that. There are a few things that elevate it a little above your standard MCU fare for me (though not into the upper echelon)--the scene with Strange and the Ancient One outside the hospital is one of my all-time favorite scenes in any MCU film.

Edited May 9th by white lancer

I remember initially walking out of the cinema after GotG2 and thinking "Yeah, it was alright"; but upon rewatch, I actually really, really loved it. Drax being a constant joke machine still bothered me, and the big spectacle at the end drags on way too long, but the character moments are really fucking on-point. Never thought I'd be so emotionally invested in a talking racoon, or someone like Yondu. Easily a top 5 for me.

Posted May 9th by Orion Nebula

I've had GOTG2 at #6 or #7 for a while now, occasionally flip-flopping with its predecessor (behind Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Avengers, Civil War, and Iron Man, though I haven't decided where Endgame slots in yet). The fight/conversation between Nebula and Gamora is so good, Yondu and Rocket have some great moments, Quill has all the stuff with Ego, and even joke machine Drax has a nice moment with Mantis. Even the opening scene, while mostly being a lot of fun, is rather touching with how much the rest of the Guardians clearly care about Groot.

Posted May 9th by white lancer

I like the first GOTG best. Outside of Yandus funeral GOTG2 was weaaaaaaaak.

for me my top 5 are

Winter Soldier
Civil War
Infinity War
Guardians of the Galaxy
Antman 2 or Thor Ragnorak

My favorite MCU character outside of Cap and his buddies is Strange. He was my favorite part of IW.

Edited May 9th by s.o.h.

“Oddly enough, Doctor Strange was the biggest riser for me on my most recent rewatch, and not because of the visuals. ”

I think Dr Strange is the only one to make the villain rage quit and take his friends with him.

Posted May 10th by Q

The thing about both Guardians films, to me, is how much it's all character-driven. But like, in meaningful ways where they grow in front of our eyes.

For me, GOTG was great in how it's ragtag group of trauma-affected outcasts bond, but more or less no one has any real connection to the central conflict except - sort of - Gamora (since Thanos wants the infinity stone that Ronan wants to use, but otherwise, they don't really connect at all).

With GOTG 2, everything connects so much better. The drama relates so much more to the characters themselves. It feels more significant. And yeah, Drax is definitely a problem (I love Dave Bautista in the role, but I think they use him for jokes too often, to the point where a film all about characters bonding as they overcome their traumas, it's strange to have a character designed to literally laugh at Mantis's trauma and turn that into a gag). And it suffers some late game action dragging (a trait, frankly, typical of the genre as a whole). But for my money, GOTG 2 is one of the better Marvel movies, and overall better than the first in most ways.

Maybe I'd feel differently if I had ever studied filmmaking techniques or something, I dunno.

You don't really need to study film technique. It's a visual medium more than literature is. And yeah, by no means am I saying that visuals alone can make a film good, by any stretch. I do think it can mask some of the narrative or character weaknesses to make a film enjoyable, in a way that - for me anyway - doesn't work for literature. Like good writing won't make up for a bad or boring story to me. Nor will an interesting premise make up for bad writing (a la Dan Brown). But for films, I can watch a bad movie with amazing visuals and still enjoy that aspect of it. (I imagine for many, good writing can be enjoyed in the same way, whether the book is bad or not.)

Ideally, it should not be one or the other, but a merging of the two. I like the action in Captain America movies, but they have always been pretty visually bland to me, and I'm never quite sure why. It's really with the cosmic stuff that Marvel has seemed somewhat willing to show colors and embrace the more visual side of the comic book medium. All the Earth stuff is sort of drab and looks like concrete.

Posted May 10th by Jet Presto
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