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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
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Speed hike pro isn’t this a wild college football season? Is ucf the birch Boose state? Telll secat to teach dawg how Boise
state resembles them.
Posted: Posted November 5th by Weid man

There are 4 Replies

It's not wild because Alabama is the collegiate football equivalent of the Golden State Warriors. No matter what happens, they will win the playoff.

Posted November 5th by Speed Bike Pro

Bama still has to play 18 missippi state this week albeit it is a home game but then will have to play AT GEOEGIA but I bet that the fans will travel well because it is a straight on drive off interstate #85. Remember what happened to Wisconsin last year and even Bama themselves two years before that. Miracles happen. Hail Mary.

Posted November 5th by Weid man

I wish I could get weid man into MMA so he would pester me with these long tangents about it.

Posted November 5th by Vandy

Mss already is really into it and so is brocken. You should follow college sports your university (a&m) transferred to the southeastern conference. Missouri also transferred so you’re still with a team from your past. Vandy you should seriously look into joining a martial arts program my assitant karate instructor happens to work for sony San Diego and plays all video game systems and plays lots of smash and he told me NOT to go to e for all because “you play until you lose”. My mom bott pre-paid tickets to go to KnottaScary farm that weekend where Fox forever always loves to go to these amausment park with scary roller coaster rides. I tried harassing my mom to make me go to e for all she wouldn’t let me because she bought these pre-pair tickets for me to go with my friends to knotts berry farm and they don’t like smash bros they like call of duty and in fact it was my friend’s birthday the day after brawl came out so my friend invited me and three other friends to go to his house that weekend and as Apollo probably already told you I harassed him to take me to go get brawl on the midnight release which he did but then the employee at gamecrazy said “no one’s is here yet, wait till 10 am then come back”, which I did I reserved the game and I thought that it would sell out super quickly like Halo 3 did (which my ap calc’s Teacher’s husband went with her to go get the game the second it came out even though it was on a school night). Should I go out and get smash bros ultimate for its midnight release even though I am super fucking sick? I arrived at Gamecrazy by 10 o clock sharp and was the VERY FIRST person to buy brawl from that store meanwhile it was totally sold out at Walmart since a week before the game actually came out.

Posted November 5th by Weid man
Reply to: Speed hike pro isn’t this a wild college football season? Is ucf the birch Boose state? Telll secat to teach dawg how Boise
state resembles them.
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