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Some upcoming short-term changes to the Merit system
Posted: Posted January 29th by Xhin
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This is a followup to this post:
Short-term plans

The community we're merging with tends to make very very long jet prestos posts. Starting tomorrow, long posts won't be penalized anymore; posting anything above 1000 characters will earn you +15 Merit.

If the post hasn't gotten any replies within a week you don't get any first post bonuses at all.

I'm changing this rule as well. In certain forums (Worldbuilding, Science) you'll gain some impressive first post bonuses.

  • Merit will become account-based rather than user-based. This will tidy things up a lot.

  • The "Top poster" thing will become something that resets monthly. You'll still increase your total merit (and your skill points, whenever that is implemented) but the merit trackers will be based on each month. At the first of the month, these fields will be reset. Eventually, you'll earn bronze/silver/gold badges for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

    The reset system itself should be in place and we should have our first reset February 1st if all goes well.

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    OK! Hope I learn it!

    Posted January 29th by _chiarizio
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