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Some NIFE short-term upcoming combat updates
Posted: Posted June 23rd by Xhin

These are things that seem to be relatively easy to do, so will be part of the current cluster of combat updates I'm working on.

  • Make bombs, Spears and shields subplugins

  • Automatically put new players in the combat system

  • Remove boosters (they're obsolete)


  • Have a tool to make foe attacks much easier

  • Weapons can be assigned into the "global" attack reason slot, or Hosts can create new slots with conditions attached to them to assign weapons to

  • On that note, add in a conditions object that applies to the specific battle

  • All foes in room defeated trigger, fires after all specific foe deaths

  • Foe spawn subplugin -- a chance for foes to spawn when you enter a room, maybe also attack you automatically, up to a certain limit. These can be set on global, room, room category and conditional bases.

  • settingsOptions
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  • battle-centric status effects like poison and paralysis. Highly customizable and based on # / turns

  • Foe health visible in Sparring actions area

  • Dodge options with their own set of effects (more on this on another break)

  • Respawn point settings for each character. Should be adjustable via potions and events as well.

  • Posted June 24th by Xhin
    Fractal icious
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