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Some news on The Last Jedi and some closer look-backs at Rogue One
Posted: Posted April 7th, 2017 by Trever Leingod
Not a whole lot of news for Episode VIII - not even a trailer yet with just 8 months or so to the movie's scheduled debut - but they mention an upgraded AT-AT that for once, actually has an upgrade for a once glaring weakness.

The Rogue One look backs just add some extra depth to the characters or behind the scenes looks.

From the first time I saw the movie, I thought the final Vader scene was an excellent scene and perhaps the highlight of the film. As it turns out, it was barely scripted and almost didn't make it into the film. It's actually placed oddly, since it takes place at the very very end and then the film abruptly ends.

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The trailer is coming at Celebration this month.

Along with basically all the Star Wars news and game trailers you could want.

Posted April 7th, 2017 by Redack
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