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Posted: Posted May 31st, 2018 by Xhin
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Short term stuff

  • Copy the alerts panel to NIFE. Update the number in real time.

  • Migrate the last couple bits of conversation to the room description, have a link to expand to the whole thing and a different link to reply. Separate out player messages and NPC messages.

  • Switch characters or go to different panels from a menu across the top. These panels should pop down in a closeable frame.

    Medium-term stuff

  • Sort items into things like "Potions" and "Weapons" automatically if they don't have an explicit category

  • Have a pop-down and closeable playerbox that updates when you do stuff or maybe even automatically

  • Paginate and sort player actions. Allow also for searching, plus notebook functionality once that feature happens.

    Long-term stuff

  • Alter the bottom part of room descriptions heavily to indicate fixtures in the room, character types and other useful stuff

  • Click on any of these things and bring up the actions you can do with it (been planning this for a while and looks pretty doable)

  • A "manage inventory" button that lets you drop items or give them to minions or other characters. You should be able to destroy them too (unless the Host puts a "non-destroyable" checkbox on there for safety reasons.

  • Otherwise you can click on your items and bring up actions where you can use them. (This is a bit more complex and will take some action indexing)

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    Journal improvements / Notebooks

    You should be able to stick in your journal:

  • Room descriptions
  • The intercom
  • Some player actions
  • Character messages
  • Posts that discuss the game
  • Popup messages from signs or events

  • Your journal also automatically records your manual or automatic actions
  • You can also add your own notes.

    All of this will be sorted a lot better. Additionally you can add your own "tags" to journal items and recall them later.

    The Notebooks plugin will allow you to take some set of journal entries and stick it in a Notebook item. Anyone who picks it up can view all those journal entries and optionally copy them into their own Journal. Hosts can set limits on Notebooks through various means.

  • Posted May 31st, 2018 by Xhin
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