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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Soen's new album "Lotus" is absolutely stunning
Posted: Posted February 4th by nullfather
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I clued in on Soen when they released Lykaea. It was a solid record, especially since it reminded me somewhat of Opeth's latest, but it didn't blow me away. A couple of nights ago when I checked r/progmetal as my last bit of activity before going to bed and subsequently listened to Lotus in the lonely, tired dark of my apartment, however, I was nearly poleaxed. Even though I had just finished working a closing shift and it was 3 AM, I lay awake on my cot until I had heard every single second of this record. Further listens confirmed my response.

Lotus is beautiful and painful. It's a deft mixture of sensitivity and strength. A harmonious balance of heaviness and thoughtfulness. When it comes time to start thinking about Album of the Year for 2019, Lotus is going to at least be on the short list.

It's not on YouTube yet, but you can listen on Spotify or Bandcamp. I really suggest that you do if you have an appreciation for prog metal or good music in general.

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I should not have watched this one first:

Overall though from what I've heard of it, it sounds like an album with a lot of different stuff in it. The guy has a great voice that kind of flows through the music. I'm also getting some really strong Tool vibes, which is probably offensive but I actually really like Tool so

Posted February 4th by Xhin
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Sky's the limit

I don't find comparisons of any particular band to Tool offensive in and of itself, but I do find their constant specter in the comments section of every vaguely dark and introspective album to be offensively boring from a critical point of view. It speaks to the lack of perspective suffered by the casual fanatic, the sophomore, the crippled philistine grasping at the hem at Culture, the perennial generic YouTube commentator.

It's going to be wonderful when the new Tool album comes out. I predict that it will be "pretty good" and that the comments section of all the YouTube video will be filled with orgiastic self-congratulation from people who listened to their last album as they have now received fresh fodder with which to fuel the engine of their rampant delusions of grandeur.

If someone said to me "I like Tool; will I like the new Soen album", I would say "probably". That's as deep as I would take the comparison.

Thanks for listening.

Posted February 4th by nullfather
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Posted February 4th by tnu
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It took some Googling, but I get it.

Posted February 4th by nullfather
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if you don't mind story heavy puzzle games I highly reccomend it.

Posted February 4th by tnu
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Gather around
All the things that we admire
To be here is where I wanted to be
To abandon who I was
Gather around
As we're pushed towards the fire
We've been tricked into believing that all
Starts and ends within our walls

Gather around
Holding close your sons and daughters
Promise them that we will all be alright
Let them know you love them all
Talk to yourself
Let your essence be the answer
While we chase the meaning of who we are
Navigating through a storm

Gather around and follow me
Something misled us to this
Wanting it all is poverty
Rich is the one who is free
Be the one who wakes up
All of those who roam

Shake your head to the sides, wake the animal inside of you
Run away from it all, let the wildness be your home
Plant a tree, kill a man, let your instincts be in charge of you
Where you walk, what you dream, measures who you really are

Turn to your friends
Let them face the one you mirror
And the demons that now rest on your side
They will leave you on your own

Holy SHIT.

Posted February 5th by nullfather
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