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The Nostalgia Forum

Where the past still shines

I was active years ago, when I was in middle school/first year of highschool. I really don’t remember the name or nickname I went by to be honest. But I recognized the names elite, lonewolf. I also remember ff7cloud, then there was this guy named Gabriel, Melissa morbid.. what an odd feeling it was to see this place again! I’m engaged now and just gave birth to my first child in June. How’s everyone else doing?

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I also remember inferno35. God this is weird. So many names are coming to mind

Posted August 12th by lexiiii

Do you remember me? When did you first join gametalk? I joined in 2003. I hope that you get married soon. I am going to night gazer and cholub’s weddings next year both in the month of May. Welcome back!!

Posted August 12th by weid man

Your name looks vaguely familar! Also remember angelofsapphire as well.

I was on back in 2005, that’s when I first joined. When I was 9 years old. My username was 9yearoldbrat, lol. But I can’t remember the other ones I went by. I believe this may have been one of them but I’m just not sure :/

Edited August 13th by lexiiii

Oh so someone remembers my name but not their own?Well that's new.

Posted August 15th by Elite

Hey, glad to know you\'re doing well. I went by Agis_wild elf.

Since GT I\'ve had all kinds of adventures in the pacific islands, peace corps in china, grad school in Nanjing, now interning in Beijing. I talk politics on here because it\'s just something to do.

Posted August 15th by Agis

Funny right, elite? It’s crazy what I can remember compared to what I can’t!

And agis I definitely recognize that username too!!!

Posted August 16th by lexiiii

I believe I've heard about you because someone kept talking about you a long time ago, but I don't think I've ever known you.

Posted August 16th by KnokkelMillennium

I was here a few years ago but under a different name (can't quite remember what it was though) and this place used to have a LOT more sub-forums but now it has been pared down considerably.
I recall members like Qwerty, PrinceofPain and others with all things, people come and go.

I stopped coming because of other issues I had to deal with and I eventually forgot about this place then I decided to look this place up (good thing I still had the link from another browser) so I re-registered and might come once in awhile.

Posted November 11th by Bendy

The Prince of Pain is still here under the name poptart.

Posted November 11th by theprodukt

yeah i’m still here. a bit nicer too

Posted November 11th by poptart!

With pop's original name I always thought of Vegeta.

Posted November 11th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

So..."Price of Pain" is now......."Poptart"?
Huh...interesting choice.

Anyways..I am actually surprised this place is still here considering the issues this place had after Mike ditched it but...though it is trimmed down I'm glad it is still around.

Posted November 14th by Bendy

I was here under the name Brandi or with 2 i’s. I miss tseng Fox

Posted November 14th by Brandy

yeah IIRC it was something like prince of pain -> PoP -> poptart

(also it's not really the same place, just some of the same people)

Posted November 14th by Pirate_Ninja

The only name I recognized when I came back was weid, cheifsonny, pop, Daniel, Andy747,soh,team groin, and sentry, and soled bride pope, just because , and the Axem people who show up form time to time by they usually just post stupid stuff

Posted November 14th by Brandy

Iirc pop when by sentry for a time being

Posted November 14th by Brandy

Ya this place is a little less people then before ( I don’t say DEAD) this place is like bill belly check when he took the air out the ball during the deflategate scandal figureattivly speaking.

Posted November 14th by Brandy

I am way too old now I am 29, the average year for s video gamer.

Posted November 14th by Weid man

29 isn’t that old. It’s middle aged. But I wonder who’s the oldest person here?

Posted November 14th by Brandy

Chiefsonny he’s 80! Spaceman used to be here and he was 90 when he played video games before he passed away. My grandpa is just learning how to use a smartphone now. My mom did get me into playing yoshi’s island when I was 7 but stopped after that (she found the last four red coins on touching fuzzy get dizzy which were so obscure and found out that you had to put the pot ghost off the stage in chapter 2 boss instead of throwing eggs at him which didn’t work so I got so frustrated until she told me to try something different) and dad played Mario Kart up till Double Dash because drifting confuses him as well as dragging and dropping and blocking incoming items. Q is 35 iirc.

Posted November 14th by Weid man
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