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So we see two game 7’s in the mba conference finals/
Posted: Posted May 26th by Weid man

Really worried for the Cavs though because they treat lebron as if he’s Kobe and depend upon him immensely now that Irving is gone and now playing AGAINST them. I want to see an nba finals repeat again, don’t you? Jet what’s your call? SPEED WHERE ARE YOU, LEBRON LOVER? Pretty sure that eagle wants the dubs because of Durant who went to Texas for college.

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Sorry. I was surprised the Celtics brought the series to 7.

I don't think either Cavs or Celtics match up well against the Warriors or Rockets in a best of seven series. And things what they were, I suppose I'd rather see LeBron in the finals for now. But when Jayson Tatum realizes that he's probably the best healthy player on the roster, this Celtics team is going to be tough. They were playing with house money after the Hayward injury. They got even more house money with Kyrie's. I didn't think they had much business being in the conference finals. Brad Stevens should have been coach of the year.

As for the Warriors/Rockets, I think it depends on Iguadala. He plays, I think the Warriors take it. He doesn't, I think the Rockets do. Doesn't really matter to me about Chris Paul. Not sure if he's playing or not. But whoever wins this is definitely beating the Cavs in, like, 5.

Posted May 28th by Jet Presto

I want a rematch so i’m Rooting for the warriors. Really depends on how well curry plays because theg’re Gonna double team Durant. Curry needs to finding an opening and make those shots and even more importantly take it to the post and make his layups.he missed would probably would have been the game winning layup last Thursday. Now he’s in the position again. They can’t afford to go down early because this game is in Houston so they’ve got the crowd against them. Draymond green also needs to play well and they need to STOP FOULING and turning the ball over carelessly.

Posted May 28th by Weid man

Aso DEFEND THE THREE! Don’t let harden and Paul get any shot at it (no pun intended), meaning don’t let them get any three point shot off. The rockets prove that they aren’t that good when scoring in the paint or midrang.

Posted May 28th by Weid man
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