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So this just happened..
Posted: Posted September 23rd, 2017 by Bronson

Can they coexist?

It's a question that WWE loves asking regarding guys/girls in programs at PPVs on their live events (RAW/Smackdown) that has become formulaic and lazy in the OP's opinion. OP feels like that these shows are so shallow talent wise that thess top programs without 2-4 segments of a 2-3 hour show depending on which USA product you are paying attention to. The incident where I thought this completely shit-washed the next segment was a month or so ago when Reigns and Cena cut that 4th wall shattering promo which was interrupted by two of my favorite guys (Gallows and Anderson aka Tex2Badd if you've seen southpaw). Reigns and Cena cut the best promo of the year and it got shit on by the fact that they were put in a match that shifted the focus from the great, scathing promo both guys put together to a throw away tag match that ended up being a joke. Also jobbing out the two most talented mic guys in the tag division seemed bad too.

I don't know how you guys feel being the guys talking about the new kayfabe on TV is amazing. New kayfabe regarding the fact that so many of us are in the know about the business that we focus more on who's getting pushed or under utilized vs yesteryear when folks though two guys working each other hated one another. It's amazing the promotions are focusing more on that these days. It's highly progressive in thinking terms, but I enoy stuff like that.

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I enjoy progressive stuff like that too. Personally I think they can co-exist. A lot of contributions made to wrestling were from the guys/girls wrestling programs.Two of my favorite guys happen to be those two people so you really see WWE and Wrestlmania eye-to-eye. 2-3 hours of USA product sounds about right. Tag matchs can be good but sometimes they can be a little under-whelming. I like Reigns and Cena, Cena is actually a pretty good rapper too, and he was in a movie when he was a marine.

I bet you Paige returning to wwe has something to do with this. doesn't look good for aj lee she was talking about coming out of retirement. I like when ok. I remeber when she had her measing cup, she loved it too. and dragon2002 is not here. i like to be mod of this forum. this is like snow pudding, tkae it bite it really eats at you. How would you say snow pudding in spanish? Flan de nieve. Flan is the spanish word for pudding. Thanks for the flan de nieve. Buy you all have a good day. Two small loves of raisin, bread. The first thing we do, we use all different kinds of sugar...brown sugar. Now, do you know, what you sue that sugar for? Put it in a big round bowl.

Birthday cake , with candles, put it on it . Look at that grain, that compared with when you make pictures, use a plain finger. Hmmph. It's another one of the trimming ones, if you we're to make a cookie in Easter time, and you wanted the cookie to look like a chicken, you could cover it with yellow powdered sugar. First thing to make Snow Puddijg. Cold Water, Gelatin. Mix it up a lil. Get it all dissovled. YOu know what dissoved me? Creamy. Make sure it not grainy. Next put in boiling water. So cold water, then gelatin, then boiling water. after the boiling water, add sugar, a little bit at a time. Ok, now put it plain water, gelatin, hten the bowling water, then the sugar. Now egg whites that are beaten. Put the beaten egg whites in there. And put some lemon in. The juice of two lemons, mix it all together, than start to beat it. You really have to make the beater go fast, as a matter of fact, you could use an electirc beaten. Make it really snowly. I bet you we could prented you were using a electric beater. Prented you are using a egg beater to try to make real snow. Try that. Make-believe. Mmm, snow pudding I use to eat this all the time when i was a little girl, would you like some? DO me a favor, put your snow pudding in a container. Now give snow pudding to your mom dad or boyfriend or girlfriend or just one of your best friends, or a grandparent or a sibling, they'll love it.

Posted September 23rd, 2017 by Brandy
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