So, That Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo
Posted: Posted March 5th by Laxan
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Has anyone played it yet? What are your thoughts and impressions?

I downloaded the demo, but have decided not to play it. I'm going to wait until next month when the full game is released.

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Only played the original for a couple hours and didn't find it compelling enough to continue, so not sure if my opinion would be worth much but I am downloading the demo now. Will try to play it later today.

Posted March 7th by Jo Nathan
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Let me know how it goes!

You didn't like the original, huh? Are there any Final Fantasy games you do like?

Posted March 7th by Laxan
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I guess my opinions are all over the place for Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy VI is the first one I played a long time ago in an emulator, and it really almost became my favourite video game at that point. It was just so good. I did abuse save states though and that always haunted me. Last year I played through it legit for the first time and it was just as good as I remembered.

I like the first Final Fantasy on the NES. I love the simple 8-bit sprites up against the stark black background in battles, the 8-bit music, and the challenge. I don't like eschewing the 8-bitness but I'd say the PS1 port is probably the best as far as playability and bugfixes are concerned, but only the non-easy mode. I feel like the newer ports ruin it by making it too easy and getting rid of the tiered magic system.

Final Fantasy X is underappreciated in my opinion. I love the concept of the sphere grid (although it sucks that it costs levels to backtrack through it). The biggest complaint people have about that game is the linearity, but I really don't view that as a bad thing. Not every game has to be open-world. I just enjoy the battles and the story.

Chrono Trigger. Some will say this doesn't count, but even as a kid I always viewed it as a pseudo spin-off because it's similar enough and it was made by Square. And dang it, I want to include it here because I absolutely adore this game.

Games I tried, kind of enjoyed but didn't finish: 12

Games I tried but didn't care for: 2, 3, 4, 7

(I actually played through MOST of 4 but I just got tired of it; it just made me wish I were playing 6 instead.)

Games I have yet to try: 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15

Now I actually have a couple questions for you: After anticipating 15 so much for so long, and now that the game's old news, what did you end up thinking about it? Also do you have any thoughts on Type 0?

Posted March 7th by Jo Nathan
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After Advent Children I kind of learned to stop anticipating things from a company like this because the hype can take years, and that time is better spent doing being happy about other things. So when games like FF15 or FF7R come out, it's still nice to play whenever they arrive. I'm in no rush

Only thing I don't like about this is their choice in releasing only part of the game. Probably has more to do with the way their teams are structured, but it is what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I also don't feel like playing the demo will spoil anything that I didn't already know about the game, but then again I've played the original many, many times. Anything now is just a treat.

Posted March 8th by LLight
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Did you end up playing it, Jo Nathan?

Posted March 8th by LLight
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Oh good! You like FFVI and Chrono Trigger. You might enjoy our game, then. But it's more old school FF like V and IV in terms of the world's technology.

I really liked 15! Keep in mind I played it with my best friend, so that amped up my enjoyment. If you play it, just don't do most of the side quests. I got a lot of laughs out of the four main characters, but the side characters were lacking. I also enjoyed the world and combat....and the game is very pretty. But it has flaws, like combat is too easy. But still fun. I just enjoyed it for what it was.

Type-0. I beat it. Don't reccomend it personally. The Story and characters sucked. And the gamepmay....let's just say I'm not a fan of going back to the same school over and over again.

Posted March 8th by Laxan
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Did you end up playing it, Jo Nathan?

Yes! Obviously this is all subjective but here are my thoughts.

I thought it was fun for the most part. The first thing that went through my mind was just how gorgeous it looks. The game looks really nice. I also think the remake does a better job of endearing me to the characters- Jessie is really cute and a little spicy with her personality (Erica Lindbeck's performance definitely delivers here IMO), Wedge made me want to bear-hug him, Barret's bad-assery is really fun to watch, and Cloud.... well, Cloud seems like a piece of cardboard BUT that's ok, the other characters get the job done.

I thought the combat was fun but I DID think it got a little jarring in a couple ways. You attack with normal attacks and dodge and block in real time but then you also pause the action to select special abilities, spells, items, and limit breaks. It's fun, but I wasn't sure how to feel about alternating between the real-time action and pausing the action to navigate through the menu. The real-time action is fun and I kinda didn't like how I had to keep pausing it every couple seconds to select my special attacks or to heal with potions - it's like the game wants to be real-time and turn-based at the same time and can't choose between the two. Also during the fight with the robot miniboss (I forget what it's called), the action got interrupted a few times so the game could show off some cutscenes of the thing moving around the environment. It was a little jarring but it was still kinda cool to watch and made it feel like you're playing a movie. That statement will probably turn off people like mariomguy.

I actually streamed my playthrough of the demo and Solus was there. He's a longtime fan of the original, and it sounds like he's not really keen on what they did to the combat system. If you're a purist and adore the classic turn-based system, you will probably have a hard time warming up to the overhaul. As someone who didn't play through the original and has no nostalgia for it, I thought it was pretty fun and I feel like I won't regret buying the full game (even despite what I said in the previous paragraph). And I find that ironic to say because when they originally announced their intentions to overhaul the combat I was actually apprehensive because I am a big fan of turn-based combat (much like Jet).

Also the music is wonderful. I don't have a paragraph of things to say about this, the music is just really nice.

I drank to the point of my teeth being numb so I might have follow-up thoughts when I sober up tomorrow.

If you play it, just don't do most of the side quests.

It's funny, one of my friends told me the exact same thing. His biggest complaints are the side quests and Prompto- says he's the most annoying character in any video game he's ever played. The way he described him, though, I'm not sure, like he wants to stop and take pictures of the scenery - that honestly sounds really cute to me and it's something I could see myself doing in real life if I were on an epic road trip adventure. Prompto and I might hit it off.

I'm really glad to hear that you liked it though. Makes me more optimistic about starting it.

Type-0. I beat it. Don't reccomend it personally.

Oof. I picked it up while it was half off a couple days ago and played the first few minutes of it tonight after I finished the FF7 demo. I liked how it had a pretty grim/depressing opening but was a little taken aback by the combat. It was a little weird and not what I expected.

Edited March 8th by Jo Nathan
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Just finished the demo. But before I get into it, just figured I'd give a little of my background on the franchise, which I'll put in spoiler tags so as to not stretch the page. I dunno, if the background helps give context to my thoughts on the Remake demo, though.

So, that's sort of my story around Final Fantasy. Liked the ATB systems of old. Haven't loved the new, more active systems of combat. Felt like they were getting too focused on flashy graphics and some of the narrative tropes of anime, generally speaking. And have kinda been tuning out.

FFVII: Remake is obviously beautiful. There was never going to be any doubt about that.

But as far as the gameplay?

I...like it???

There are still issues that I have that are kinda common with these modern RPGs. Namely, it's so flashy and so many numbers pop up so quickly at once that it's super hard for me, personally, to keep track of when and how much damage I'm taking. That can be a little frustrating.

But otherwise, I actually found it to be a weirdly decent blend. Selecting abilities slows the battle down so you can have a chance to navigate the menus, which I super appreciate. Switching to other party members is easy. Issuing commands for them is not as cumbersome as I figured it might be. It mostly feels smooth and, for just playing for about an hour, I felt like I picked it up pretty quickly!

It's also refreshing to see Cloud again. For some reason, the post-FFVII world has always presented Cloud as something he kinda wasn't in the game. He has a personality here, which is so nice. This isn't the super cool, calm, quiet, ultra-focused "badass" that we saw in Advent Children. It's nice!

I really went into it figuring that I wasn't going to like it because I haven't really loved most of the Square-Enix fare, but...


...I'm kinda hyped???

Immediately had that hype die a bit when I remembered that they're releasing it in episodic form, which is silly. But as someone who actually *prefers* the old ATB system of the original, I can say that I did enjoy it! I cannot for the life of me imagine fighting Ruby or Emerald Weapon in this though. It does feel like a game where the bosses are going to take a long time. But I suppose that was also true of the original.

AND THEY HAVE LEGIBLE FONT! Oh my god, what a treat! Granted, they still, for some dumb reason, put a light blue tint on some of the menu text to contrast the dark blue background, which makes it unnecessarily more difficult for me to read. But it's crisp, and it's large enough that I can actually read the menus from my couch!

So yeah, this turned into something that I would probably pick up years from now (like I did with XV) into a game that I'm definitely picking up Day 1.

Make of that what you will.

Posted March 8th by Jet Presto
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Prompt is best waifu. Just saying.

One problem I do have with the story of 15 is missing chunks seen in Kingsglaive and the Brotherhood anime. I reccomend watching Brotherhood on YouTube since it's free. You can also watch the Ardyn anime for free on YouTube if you want to know more about his character. Kingsglaive was a pretty but meh film. Despite Aaron Paul as the main character.

If VII Remake's combat can excite a die hard like Jet, then there's hope! I'm going to wait until the game is released next month and ignore the demo for now. Already put down $5 on it at Gamestop. I'll let you guys know my thoughts next month!

Edited March 9th by Laxan
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My thoughts so far on XV are probably for a different thread (I kinda...feel nothing... I'm about 3-4 hours in, and so far none of it feels like a Final Fantasy game, which I recognize is a completely vague and abstract description. I don't hate the combat system, but I also don't like it very much. Continuing it today after FFVII:Remake makes me really appreciate what the latter has done with combat, honestly.)

I would just say, as significant as FF has been in my life, I would describe myself more as old school than diehard. Never really got into spin-offs or played Tactics, and never really got into any movies or other media (I think Spirits Within is a kinda under-appreciated movie in its own right, but for different reasons).

Posted March 9th by Jet Presto
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