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In the strangest of coincidences, in the recently released 'Super Mario Odyssey' art book, it was discovered that a Bowser/Peach hybrid was designed but left oj the sitting room floor during development of the game:
The design is far more conservative than much of the fan art though it does contain some similar elements that have reoccurred through the numerous fan interpretations.

This version doesn't involve the 'Super Crown' in any way. It instead is the result of Bowser using his own 'cappy' to take control of Peach in much the same way Mario does to various things throughout that game.

So if you thought 'Bowsette' was completely off the table frm ever being official... think again!

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this article overlooks a much more important story out of that artbook:

someone had this idea, drew and colored it, and it didn't make the final game

we have all been denied a Pauline/Rosalina musical number

what the FUCK nintendo

Posted September 30th by Pirate_Ninja

That’s an idea for Super Mario Odessey 2!

Posted September 30th by Q
Reply to: So it turns out Hintendi had a 'Bowsette' all along!
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