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So I"m starting therapy on the 25th
Posted: Posted June 11th by tnu

Just thought I'd keep eveyroneupdated on what was going on honeslty on top of the standard grief and m y other hangups I"m going th orugh a major existential crisis over my own mortality and I've sort of been paralyzed about how to optimizee my time on this Earth

Sir, just suppose... suppose if I had a cat, what would you do with Frankenstein?
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I'm glad to hear you have an appointment. Do you happen to know if this person has a particular focus?

I'm currently looking for a therapist with more specialties in trauma management and domestic violence, which has not been terribly easy, turns out.

Posted June 12th by Jet Presto

I've gone ot him before but I don't really know if he has a focus

Posted June 12th by tnu
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