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SNES had cameos in Toy Story 1 and 2
Posted: Posted April 15th by Q

The SNES had brief cameos in Toy Story 1 and 2.

At the beginning of Toy Story 1, Andy is running around his living room and plops woody on the arm of his couch using a recliner (very interesting way to play with a toy lol) and as the camera pans around you can see a SNES under his TV. Here is a picture I snagged off of youtube with the actual video underneath:

Makes sense for the SNES to be there since the movie was made in 1995 when the SNES was in it's prime. But, the people at PIXAR must have had some real love for the SNES console because in the 1999 sequel the SNES shows up again, despite being 2 years after the Nintendo 64 and 4 years since the PS1 launched. Infact the entire opening sequence of the movie is Rex and Buzz playing a video game on it that looks alot more like a N64 game. But you only get to see the controller in that sequence, the console doesnt show up until a little later on when Andy leaves the house:

It then shows up later on in the movie when the characters start flipping through channels on their TV looking for the place to find Woody:

I don't know if anyone has ever noticed this, and I remember noticing as a kid and thinking it was pretty cool. Did anyone else notice this? Did it appear more than what I noticed?

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I didn't notice that, but then I haven't watched those in years and I never had a SNES as a kid so I wouldn't have recognised it. SEGA Megadrive ftw!

Posted April 15th by Moonray
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