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Smash bros discussion post an possibly an in game battle post in case you don’t already have servers or doing the switch voice
Posted: Posted December 5th, 2018 by Weid man

The game comes at at mdinght tonight, are you getting it or waiting till Christmas like I am doing for it?

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I wish I could pick it up tomorrow, but Gamestop won't be releasing it early. I have to get it Friday morning. (I took a three-day weekend for this.)

Yes, Gamestop sucks. It's the only local place that sells Smash Ultimate besides Walmart and you REALLY can't trust Walmart to release games in a timely fashion, so yeah.

Posted December 6th, 2018 by Laxan

I'm jealous of you guys. Have fun playing Smash Bros.

Posted December 6th, 2018 by Vandy

Walmart was sold out for brawl for the entire first week when it was released here in San Diego (there’s only two Wal Marta in the entire city and there’s 1.5 million people). I got mine at gamecrazy via reserved and went to get it at the midnight release but the clerk said to come back at 10 am since no one was there to pick it up at midnight release.

Posted December 6th, 2018 by Weid man

2 hours into the game, and its great! I haven't touched WoL mode at all. Mostly tweaking settings and music.. and playing classic mode to unlock everyone.

I really like how every character's classic mode run is different from other characters. I might just unlock characters this way. It's really fun!

Also.. King K Rool is really good. I could see him as the best heavy honestly. Attacks and dash speed isn't too slow, his attacks are powerful of course, he has a counter, and also two freaking projectiles!

I predownloaded the game like a month ago and had it released last night. More than half my library is digital.. But for physical owners, I think this is one of the few games I recommend buying digital personally, so you don't have to switch between other games with carts constantly. You will be playing this game a lot!

Edited December 7th, 2018 by ShadowFox08

My preorder just came in. Still gotta wait 2 hours until I can clock out from work. Fuuuuck

Posted December 7th, 2018 by poptart!

Who are your guys mains so far? I think I've only unlocked about a dozen characters or maybe less.

Link, K Rool, Lucario, Marth, and YL for now. k rool and YL especially are super fun and my most played.

Posted December 9th, 2018 by ShadowFox08

Smash Ultimate reminds me of how long it's been since I played a game where I had to unlock most of the content.

My availability is spotty, as always, but I'll keep my eye open in case the good people of gtx0 organize anything. Come to think of it, I still need to register for Nintendo's online service.

Shadowfox is right though, K Rool is fun to play. As a 20 year veteran of landlocked bruisers like Donkey Kong and Captain Falcon, you really learn to appreciate when a character has ranged attacks and good vertical recovery. King K Rool has both of these things. Anyone not put off by the heavier characters of Smash should give him a shot.

I'm too much of a Castlevania fan not to play Simon (and/or Richter). He definitely does not have good recovery, and his jumps are limited as well, but that's how he's supposed to be. His selling points include deceptive range on his whip attacks and the utility of his classic, "sub weapon" special attacks (axe, cross, holy water). I don't know whether or not his weaknesses overwhelm his strengths, though a few games against my friends should help answer that question. Fortunately we're all Castlevania dorks so at least I won't be alone in fumbling with Simon.

Both Simon and K Rool are well within my comfort zone as smash characters go. Where I intend to step outside this box is for Isabelle. I usually stay away from characters with pronounced gimmicks in favor of more straightforward options, and so naturally my unwillingness to understand the potential of Duck Hunt Dog led to him being an absolute nightmare in the hands of one of my buddies. Isabelle has gimmicks to spare, and I really like the idea of storing items away for use later on. This is mostly pointless if you have items turned off, as we often do, but as long as we have items on I'm going to give her a shot.

I never purchased the dlc characters for Smash 4, and so I have a lot of new people to learn... if only so that I can figure out how to kill them. And I'm probably going to take this opportunity to play Corrin since she's soaked in the tears of her haters.

Edited December 9th, 2018 by Famov

Anyone tried Smash online yet? Is the lag as bad as Brawl? I never heard much about Smash 4's online.

Posted December 9th, 2018 by Vandy

Unlocked Simon earlier today. He's super fun to play with. Awful recovery, but crazy range on his chain, and his special projectiles are really fun to spam.

Just bought the fighters pass yesterday. Yeah I heard the online was a little dodgy. They removed for fun and for glory modes apparently. I'm sure it will get better though through patches. I'm gonna buy online by the end of the month probably

Posted December 9th, 2018 by ShadowFox08

Right now my mains are Cloud, Shulk, and Lucario. I think I'll pick up Joker when he drops.

For fun, I play as Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, Fox, and probably Meta Knight. I've read that Meta Knight is crazy good this time around.

Posted December 11th, 2018 by Laxan

We need to have another tournament!

Posted December 12th, 2018 by ShadowFox08

Anyone tried Smash online yet? Is the lag as bad as Brawl? I never heard much about Smash 4's online.

I've heard mixed things... Connection wise as good for some, or even worse. First week is always the worst for any game with online.

Smash 4's online wasn't too bad, but I did that DMZ/port forwarding stuff, which helped, not to mention playing with people here with good connections. Wired connection is the best way to go of course. Smash Ultimate is PVP. The biggest complaints I've heard about Ultimate's online is that there's no separate For Fun and Glory mode(the more professional 2 stock no items FD stages), and a lot of people trying to find customized matches with no items etc, only to be matched with people who chose items. We're getting a patch next week so maybe this could help patch the online up.

Anyway.. a little more about the modes in Smash Ultimate. Overall there is less single player modes in the game. There's no proper all-star mode, home run contest, or break the targets. Just World of Light, Classic, and multi smash--which includes endless melee, cruel melee, and all star(all the characters). I think there's a good chance we'll get more modes via DLC down the road. I'm fine with the lack of modes, because most of those modes I hardly ever played(all star is valuable though), and they prioritized what matters most--which is the roster size and offline VS/multiplayer, which is the best by far. At least single player modes and online can be patched to be better. And WoL is 20-40 hrs to complete. It's one giant Event mode with some story in it with RPG elements. So from a single player perspective, Smash Ultimate still delivers. WoL and Classic mode(beating with every character) will last you a bit, and VS mode with CPUs ain't that bad either. They're better than Smash 4 CPUs.

Edited December 13th, 2018 by ShadowFox08
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