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Small little roadmap
Posted: Posted June 30th, 2017 by Xhin
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Probably not necessary, but I do like making roadmap posts sometimes.

This list: [NIFE v4 and v5 Checklist again] is pretty accurate. In the next couple weeks I'm going to spend my days and nights trying to wrap up NIFE. There's a hell of a lot less pressure IRL to do anything else because of the donation money that came in (also thank you again for that).

With the Vehicles/Shops update I'll be able to finally finally start the Space War game. This game is fully mapped out at this point and just needs a couple remaining features to be in place. While I'll definitely work on setting it up too, my priority right now is finishing NIFE v4.

As soon as NIFE v4 features are done I'll have what I need to launch like 4-5 fully automatic formats, which I'll advertise like crazy.

Somewhere in between NIFE v4 and v5 I'll have what I need to launch the "Living Worlds" advertising campaign -- where I advertise to this large group of people who create their own words. NIFE will give them a platform to make interactable worlds as well as games and things.

Through finishing NIFE v5, Ghowilo and Moonray's Very Large games will be possible which we can advertise in a separate campaign.

I had a pretty sizable campaign in 2009 for something called "The Hanging Gardens" -- which had nothing anywhere near as much functionality as NIFE so I can resurrect it for NIFE purposes.

Same deal in 2011 with something called "Twin Lotus".

Lots and lots of advertising possibilities here. NIFE is flexible enough to accommodate people who want to make interactable conworlds, text adventures, extended roleplaying, MUD's, text MMORPG's, and many other things. Oddly for a GTX0 project I think it will be easier to get content writers than players.

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Also as far as the possibilities for the rest of the site -- people will definitely want to talk and stuff outside of NIFE stuff, and since NIFE is a platform for creating game engines, you can be pretty assured that they'll all be gamers :)

Posted June 30th, 2017 by Xhin
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