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Posted: Posted February 17th
Edited February 17th by Xhin
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This upgrade gets the Announcements, Feedback, Help and Sandbox forums off the quicklinks by integrating them better with the site.

There are also some new feature additions.


The feedback forum has been moved to the bottom of the site, next to "Site Rules" and "Complaints Process". Making it harder to find is somewhat intentional, although I do plan on integrating it further once some more fixes to the site are done.


The announcements up top now have three options:

  • Load more -- Will load more site announcements, as seen above. Useful if you've been away from the site for a while.

  • Announcements forum -- this is the new home of the announcements forum link

  • Archive -- loads an archive of *ALL* site news since the feature was created, broken into dated sections:

    I'm aware that there's some broken links in there, I'll get them during the polishing phase.


    At the top of the page is a new "Help" tab.

    Clicking it opens this menu, which gives links to the help and sandbox forums. The "How to Use" links to the GTX0 wiki, which currently has nothing in it but will be built during Phase V.

    Other stuff

    I migrated the GTX0 forum into the mod tab. I'm really the only one who uses it, so no big deal.

    It, and the newest posts/replies/hottest remaining links will go away once I make the site feed feature and some related features make more sense.

    Meanwhile, I'll tackle the NIFE links when I get back into that project during Phase II.

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