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Simple but useful improvements to GTX0 (Dooku, Cetasaurus)
Posted: Posted July 29th
Edited September 16th by Xhin

This is a list of simple changes I'd like to make to GTX0. I might do did one major thing tonight, but can't do a lot because I promised myself I'd make progress on NIFE.

Major Changes

  • Private Messaging.

  • Profiles.

  • MyCons. This introduces Medals and Badges. Medals are icons that moderators and special groups (NIFE Hosts for example) can assign for various things, or can be awarded to a user by the Site itself. Badges meanwhile are icons that users can create and other users can then apply to themselves, for example political leanings, video games they like, etc. MyCons can be part of a user's MyCard and/or they can display a row of them below it. A user's profile will also show all their MyCons.

  • Help

  • Newpost/Newreply. The way these currently work are garbage. I'm either going to migrate over to a special Quirks format (since Quirks' newpost script works flawlessly and looks nice) or make something new and build onto it over time.

    Mod stuff

  • New ban system. Might be Warden, might just be a v0 of it.

  • Hard hiding

  • New complaints system
  • Post archival system re:dooku

    Minor Changes

  • Deathmatch unvoting

  • Fix GTX0's homepage, probably through the same exact crowdsourced system that the help files are on.

  • Migrate stickies into documents as needed, remove "moderated by: " where moderators aren't there, other minor tweaks.

  • Fix primary username / account username so that whole thing makes more sense and is hidden unless grandfathered in.

  • Kill redundant or confusing links, prune worthless features

  • Set up a Welcome Team.

    Things kinda tangentially related to GTX0

  • MLP

  • Stellaris

  • settingsOptions
    There are 4 Replies

    MyCons. This introduces Medals and Badges.

    Posted July 30th by Count Dooku

    Also fix it so that when you click on a post from Newest Posts, then back out, click on another post, then back out of that one, it takes you back to Newest Posts rather than cycling back and forth between the posts in question. I've had that happen every time I browse through Newest Posts and it drives me crazy.

    Posted July 30th by Black Yoshi

    Looks good.

    Posted July 30th by KnokkelMillennium

    Make GTX0 Great Again
    ooh, full parody mode

    Posted July 30th by Pirate_Ninja
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