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Should they make a fire embolden and Zelda game together called “the master swordsmen”?
Posted: Posted May 14th by Weid man

Remember that they were planning on making a Metroid and star fox game together like seven years ago which got canceled soon after itd announcement.

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Pretty sure they did this with Soul Calibre

Posted May 14th by Xhin
The planets are aligned

The last Fire Emblem crossover game was such an incredible success that I sincerely hope they never try it again. Honestly Shadows of Valentia was my game of 2017. That's the sort of thing I want Nintendo to do with the property.

And as far as Zelda goes, Breath of the Wild was also every bit as good as I'd hoped it would be. I understand complaints about the nature of the dungeons and the weapon system and agree they could have been better, but I think I am still warmer to these things than most folks were and ultimately we got a game that was simultaneously inventive and a return to the ethic of the NES original. The scale of BotW was breathtaking in a way I hadn't experienced in Zelda since I first stepped out of Kokiri Forest and saw Hyrule Field a good two decades earlier. In any case, Zelda doesn't stand to benefit from sharing the stage with anything else.

Crossovers can occasionally produce interesting results - fighting games come to mind - but otherwise I tend to be skeptical that they're good for much of anything.

Edited May 14th by Famov

strong no

Pretty sure they did this with Soul Calibre

Posted May 14th by Pirate_Ninja

The cross over they did last year lookee interesting. 10/10 would try if ported.

Posted May 14th by S.o.h

My video game knowledge is like 2008 at best, but wasnt soul caliber a game that had both Zelda and fire emblem characters?

Edited May 14th by Xhin
The planets are aligned

2 for the GameCube. Xbox had spawn in it. Dunno what character the ps2 had.

Posted May 14th by Weid man

ye soul edge/calibur is a series of fighting games dating back to the mid-90s

SC2 (2002, arcade cabinet a cornerstone of my college freshman experience, Taki is the best) had Link in the GameCube version, Spawn (the comic character) on Xbox, and Heihachi (from Tekken) on PS2. Guest characters are p common in the series (including Darth Vader and Yoda in 4), but FE hasn't been involved as far as I'm aware.

Posted May 14th by Pirate_Ninja

Tokyo mirage sessions FE/shin megami tensei x fire emblem looked pretty fucking weird and dumb and I don't really want to go anywhere near that. I don't see any reason why fire emblem and zelda would go well together either.

Edited May 14th by KnokkelMillennium

the only crossover that works is disney and kingdom hearts

Posted May 15th by Brandy
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