Shiny Vulpix used Roar on me, got away
Posted: Posted June 7th by MarvaIo
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I'm playing Pokemon Silver on 3DS and ran into a shiny Vulpix outside Celadon City. I could have easily missed it because shiny Vulpix doesn't look that different from a regular one. I have a Master Ball but instead I had Haunter use Hypnosis and tried to catch with an Ultra Ball. Well the Ultra Ball failed and Vulpix used Roar and got away. I knew there was a possibility of Vulpix using Roar but I stupidly thought Haunter would be immune because he's a ghost-type and Roar is a normal move. That's what I get for trying to save my Master Ball. I'm really kicking myself because in my 16 years of playing Pokemon I've encountered maybe 4 shinies in my life (Cubone, one or two Rattata, Elekid from the Daycare Egg but that's less impressive). Also once had my Pokemon catch the Pokerus virus but I didn't know what it was so I reset my game in a panic thinking there was something wrong with my game. Lol.

Have you guys ever encountered a shiny that got away from you? Any shiny horror stories that keep you awake at night?

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Why no replies? Do you guys not like me? Maybe I should just disappear

Posted June 8th by MarvaIo
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Posted June 10th by Brandy
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I've never actually encountered a shiny before, so can't relate unfortunately! But I did the exact same thing as you with the Poke-virus thing. I think that was Pokemon Diamond? Not sure how rare that was in gen 4 but I felt pretty dumb after I learned what it is.

Posted June 14th by Preed333
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