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Posted: Posted December 23rd, 2019
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Project Status:

Early Alpha 2/3

Most of this looks really bad but it's because I've pulled out all the systems I've finished so I can keep track of what I haven't done yet / what I'm working on.

Basic Systems

  • Fishing -- In progress. Needs fishing rods, lures, hooks, and the rare/monster fish system.

  • Maps -- In Progress. Have a v0, have a good idea how to make a v1.


  • Buffs -- Half of v0 Done

  • Debuffs -- Nothing yet. No longer requires food, and food uses it less frequently as well.

  • Food -- Notes Progress -- Should be able to start this project fairly soon. Stews have been scrapped.


  • Torches -- Mostly Done. There's a few properties left that these need,

  • Bombs v1 -- Not Yet. Thinking through how I want to do an actual v1 of these.


  • Scout Animals -- Notes Progress

  • Mount Animals -- Notes Progress

    These are starting to look very solid in the set of notes I'm working on. Might be able to implement them soon.

  • Summons -- Needs Work. As pointed out in my last checklist, it looks like it would be easy to program but I need to figure out the balance considerations around it. It seems like a bad idea to let players capture and be able to use high-level enemies permanently without some drawbacks / progression.

  • Aether Lenses -- Needs Work -- This system allows for upgrading and polymorphing of pets and summons.


  • Enemy Spawning -- In Progress.

  • Enemy Movement -- Good Enough. The randomization of them needs some work, but they're overall not bad.

  • Enemy Attacks -- In Progress

  • Weapons -- In Progress. Weapons are switching to one tech only.


  • Armor -- In progress

  • Jewelry -- In progress

  • Magic Crystals (Attacks/Spells) -- In progress

  • Wands/Scrolls -- In progress

  • Enchantments -- In progress. Starshard/Voidshard items simplifies this system a lot.

  • Altars -- Not Yet -- This system allows for Transmutation and upgrading magic.

    Everything here is doable, but it's delayed at the moment in favor of other systems.


  • Towns -- In progress. These are working way better, and I have the infrastructure to handcraft what appears in them and what they look like internally.

  • Houses -- Mostly Done. Need to get wall/counter/etc types of furniture rendering properly -- have the room_space{} framework for this now. Would like to change the rarities of specific furniture types as well.

  • Shops -- Mostly done. There's a few random shops that I can't do anything with until the materials update happens. I also need to set up the shop money and equity systems.

  • Service Shops -- Just needs data. Both shop service systems are in place, but they need to be fleshed out based on my Notes.


  • Theft -- Mostly done. All that's left is NPC stuff. NPCs are in place now so this hopefully won't be hard to do.

  • Quests -- Needs Work. I have what I need so will probably do some kind of v0 soon.


  • Building -- Almost done. Needs a few remaining tweaks.

  • Base Fixtures -- In Progress

    A lot of the checklists in this section have been condensed into this point, though they might be separate systems in their own right.


  • Ruins -- In Progress. These are in the world and working in an early alpha form. I still need to make them progressive and put stuff in the various rooms.

  • Outposts/Mines/etc -- Needs Work. Basically just uses the town/ruins generators in smaller ways. Seems to be reliant on towns v2 and/or lore so will hold off on it for now.

  • Mana Planes -- Mostly done. Need to do some work on environmental challenges / manaflute solutions and add some civilization/ruins down here. I've done some work on the Quantum and Entropic Dimensions.

  • Province Looping -- Needs Work. I have everything I need, including a nice void sea that makes rendering issues easier.

    Alpha Phase 3

  • Shatterlens -- Nothing yet. Late game mechanic that enables travel to other provinces, and all the framework hooks that entails.

  • Pivots -- Not yet

  • Aleph Conduits / Aether Loops -- Not yet

  • Uncoupling -- Not hard to do

  • Genesis Lens -- Not hard to do

  • Aleph Naught -- Not yet

    Misc Late-game stuff

  • Work System -- Scrapped atm -- Will probably stay scrapped, but you never know.

  • Ouroboros -- Not yet. Ties into a bunch of stuff.

  • Trading -- Needs Work. Ties into the Shatterlens.

  • Inventory Weights -- Needs Work. Probably going to hold off on this until I'm ready to tighten the game down.

  • Journal -- Nothing yet. Heavily dependent on other systems, but might have some kind of v0 before they're all done.

  • Saving -- In Progress. Was surprisingly easy to set up, but isn't hooked into everything yet. Also would like to let you save things online / switch between multiple save states, etc.

  • Information System -- Framework in place. Will get back around to this when everything else is done and/or I want to give NPCs more stuff to ask about.

  • Levelling/Skills -- Some Work Done. I have a vague idea of what's happening here, but no concrete plans yet.

  • Lore -- Needs Work

  • Handcrafted Guilds/Story -- Needs Work/Scrappable -- Having a main story is looking harder and harder as the game progression gets tighter. Game progression changes are altering the guilds as well. I should be able to come up with something eventually though.

  • Soul's Pivot -- Needs Work/Scrappable. With how complicated the engine is getting, this is looking less and less viable. There will be *some* kind of new game+ happening, but it may not be a full featureset.

    These all tie in way too heavily into other systems.

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    Thief v1 Checklist


  • They need to track NPC locations on a permanent basis

  • These locations should reset when you deload the town (zload movement, travel)

  • NPC's should have some kind of movement system. Using the mobs system makes the most sense, but it's not generalized enough yet, sooo there needs to be some work done there.

  • Make sure NPC locations in a house are accessible data-wise easily.

  • Make sure NPC temp-locations aren't affecting their RNG.

  • "swap" option for NPCs. Potentially OP without limits.

  • Use dirs.angled_line_between() as a line of sight function assuming it's done at the time

  • In the thief function, run the line of sight function and check each tile if there's a solid on it. If it's open, run the "thief caught" thief event.

  • On the noise full thief event, move NPCs a level up if there are no NPCs on the floor. Put them next to one of the stairways.

  • If there are NPCs on the floor, move them towards the player. (the movement pattern will probably be changed to something else later)

  • For now, make the thief caught event subtract 500 money.

  • Program the Caught consequences via the Time system.

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    Base Building Framework

    Rooms Tab

  • Show the type of room and have an option to change it -- hook this into the premade function. For now the room types should be "general" and "altar".

    Interiors Tab

    The way I'm envisioning this, it'll be a separate building menu that lets you pick things from here and place them. Stuff placed here can only be placed in the current room you're in.

  • Where you're sending data to the render function, also include a hook for some set of events to run when placing a fixture. hook this back into the click function.

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    Bases Current Checklist


  • Make sure you can only place fixtures in the current room you're in, and not anywhere around the border (solids, doors). Otherwise give an error.

  • Let you change a room's type. For now, no limits.

  • While you're in a base, make sure you can't place portals except in portal rooms. Send an error message accordingly.

  • Set up Portal Rooms. May be fairly complicated and involve a lot of back-and-forth-type hooks.

  • Base Inventory system. For now, no limits on either your inventory or your base inventory. It should just be a separate tab on the inventory system, you should have "Store" and "Take" buttons, and the inventory system will load either register accordingly. Shouldn't be too hard to set up.


  • Living Space Room > Equipment Rack

  • Industry > Fuel Refinery. -- Currently a v0. Requires the Base Storage update as it solely ties into Base Storage items. For now, you can burn wood directly and can also refine wood into the more-potent charcoal. Will have a bigger update later.

  • Have a system for secondary crafting menus. It should also specify which inventory it uses.

  • Industry > Smithy. Has that second crafting menu, which is where all the metal recipes get moved to. Also pulls from and pushes to the base storage.

  • Bed

  • Couch

  • Altar

  • Aether Lens

    Fixtures dependent on other stuff

    These changes tie into other systems, and so will happen later:

  • Delivery Node -- Not sure what these systems look like yet, will get here after I do more Industry work or potentially get into Trading.

  • Catalyst Station -- Will need to think through this system a bit. Might honestly scrap it.

  • Grill -- reliant on the Food system.

  • Fermenting Vat -- reliant on the Food system but also the Milk system, and it's also its own separate thing.

  • Extractor -- wouldn't be hard to set up, but I don't know what to expect here yet. Will probably get to it when I start developing the late game.

  • Refinery -- Same here, but also requires a bit of work to think through it. Might also scrap it, or have the catalyst station or this one but not both. Might even scrap both.

  • Factory -- Will also be built during the late game, but is at least easy to set up (provided the Smithy is also set up)

  • Blast Furnace -- Could theoretically do this now, but not sure what it looks like yet. Also will need to make some changes to metal generation.

  • Plot -- Reliant on the Crops system.

  • Water, Solid, Soil, Trellis -- Possible to set up now, but ties into the Crops system heavily so I'll wait.

  • Feed Mill -- Reliant on the Food system. Has its own internal logic too.

  • Aquarium -- Should be possible as soon as the Feed Mill is in place.

  • Terrarium -- Requires both the Feed Mill and Animal Eggs.

    Overall requirements to finish all of these

  • Hunger
  • Food
  • Enchantments
  • Milk
  • Crops
  • Animal Eggs

    Fixtures that depend on those

  • Engineering Room > Module

  • Desk -- Not sure what these actually do yet either.

  • Automation Station -- heavily reliant on other fixtures

  • Research Station -- I have it in place at least but it doesn't do anything yet. Reliant on pretty much everything fixture-wise.

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    Buffs v0 Checklist

    Yet another checklist. the buffs system is essential for potions, food, resting/sleeping, beds, couches, and inns. Some of the stuff in here will also help pave the way for future systems. So this is probably my next project, followed by probably either Potions or Food (since I've wanted to get to those for a while now).

    This is going to be a version 0 because some of the systems required for the whole set of buffs/debuffs are too complicated. I'll either add in the new effects as I can or rework the systems here when that happens.

    v0 One-Time Effects

    These should just be straight events.

  • Cure Debuff -- Won't be in the final game, but this effect will remove a random debuff that you have. Can't do this until I have actual debuffs.

    v0 Buffs

    These (and debuffs) should also be events, but they should be called through the time system.

  • Projection -- Changes the behavior of enemies seeking or fleeing from you -- they'll seek or flee a different space rather than the one you're on.

  • Boost Health/Mana -- Increases your maximum health or mana.

  • Boost Health/Mana Regen -- Increases your health or mana regeneration rates.

  • Precision Strike -- Increases your critical strike chance.

  • Camoflauge -- Enemies can miss you sometimes. Basically an evasion boost.

  • Telepathy -- Lets you see some information about an enemy that you might not know. Might literally just display formatted JSON for now in case those systems change.

    v0 Debuffs

  • Sap Health / Sap Mana -- basically works like poison. Every turn you lose some amount of health or mana until the effect wears off.

  • Confusion -- You can't move correctly. You'll move in the wrong direction, will idle instead of moving, or will move on your own.

  • Health/Mana Stagnation -- These effects prevent health or mana regeneration.

  • Dim vision -- everything gets rendered dimmer like the outer edge of torchlight looks like.

  • Clumsy, Myopic, Mundane -- keeps you from dealing combat, ranged, or magic attacks respectively.

  • Slowed -- Your movement speed slows down.

  • Poor Reflexes -- Basically speeds enemies up.

  • Paralyze -- locks you in place until the effect ends. Basically involuntary sleeping.

  • Petrify -- Starts as a progressively worsening slowed/poor reflexes that eventually progresses into a Paralyze. Does at least wear off.

  • Pain -- Take damage when moving or dealing ranged/melee attacks.

  • Quantum Vision -- Does the failed rendering quantum effect outside of the quantum dimension.

  • Incompetence -- Any time you pick a target for whatever reason there's a chance you'll pick the wrong one. Affects magic and attacks.

  • Narcolepsy -- A longer-lasting effect that occasionally makes you paralyzed for a short period of time. Mostly just annoying.

  • Butterfingers -- An occasional chance of dropping something equipped in one of your hands and also wasting a turn in the process.

  • Doomed -- Causes death after some number of turns.

  • Recoil -- Magic and ranged attacks will hit you with some percentage of their damage. Melee is safe.

  • Withered Melee / Withered Ranged / Withered Magic -- reduces the damage that those types of attacks do.

  • Blind -- basically the opposite of dark vision -- this will reduce your vision relative to torches. Worse versions of this will reduce your vision outside of caves.

  • Inept Strike -- reduces your critical strike chance. If it goes negative, your critical strikes will instead do *less* damage.

  • Quantum Decoherence -- Randomly teleports you every so often. Similar to teleport, but outside of your control.

    Buffs for later

  • Drunjk -- requires the Stats system

  • Arrowsaving -- Giving bows ammunition is potentially a complicated update. it'll require some differences in crafting as well because you don't want to just make one arrow at a time.

  • War / Peace -- need the revamped Spawn system. I don't want to remake this set of effects if I don't have to.

  • Reflect -- I have some animation ideas for enemy magical attacks (line_between(), colored based on the symcolor) but really want to hold off on them until I expand enemy attacks more in general.

  • Blindsight -- Holding off on this until I finalize Torches.

  • Cure X / Debuff X Shield -- Need to have debuffs in place. I'm probably also going to be simplifying those a LOT over time, so going to hold off for now.

  • Lucky -- Requires too much handcrafting of the loot system. Won't be getting to that for a while.

  • Unladen -- I'm holding off on the inventory weights system for now. Want to get the last few item types in place, do potions and food and then finalize the resources system in general first.

  • Boost X Skill -- requires the Skills system, which should really be one of the last things I do.

  • Magic Shield / Ranged Shield -- requires enemy attack upgrades

  • Clairvoyance -- Too complicated for now. Also dungeons don't exist yet. Also might change a lot or be scrapped.

  • Volatile / Spontaneous Combustion -- This is a weird attack type. more of a Power really, so I'll get to it if I end up doing Powers in some other capacity.

  • Remote Viewing -- Same deal here.

  • Boost All -- Requires Stats

    Debuffs for later

  • Nausea -- Requires Potions and Food

  • Withered Armor -- Requires Armor

  • Incurable -- Requires a lot of systems, so will probably be one of the last debuffs to happen.

  • (unnamed) -- Makes it harder to collect resources -- Need to know the name for this, also need to know if I'm keeping it or not and what the specifications of it are. Might scrap it.

  • Hallucination -- Ties into too many random systems. Will add it when a lot more is finalized.

  • Burdened -- Not ready to do item weights right now.

  • Withered Skill X -- Requires Stats

  • (unnamed) -- Makes you weaker to melee, ranged or magic attacks -- Really need to hold off on this until Armor is in place, but enemy attacks need to be improved as well.

    Random unrelated changes

  • In the interest of simplifying and reducing confusion, I've made several changes. Fish now breed from their Spawn rather than the fish itself. Potion ingredients and seed gaining don't require extraction. Eggs are no longer found in Nests. Seeds are no longer potion ingredients (though they can still be a useful food source). Seeds tie into Crops.

  • Eggs tie into Mount animals. Spawn tie into Scout Animals, and Scouts have to be released in water so that makes more sense. Instead of Bats, you instead "polymorph" an Egg or Spawn to create a new creature like "Dark Shortpig", "Mutant Trout", etc. These weird creatures can be used in Caves and Dungeons, which is good because normal animals can't be. Polymorphing requires an Altar, which you can find in those places, in certain types of shops, or in your base once Researched. Altars do several other things as well.

  • I'm removing Pour potions -- those kinds of capabilities will go into other mechanics instead, especially base fixtures which are Researched.

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    Potions Checklist


  • Potion strength as derived from anything besides adding more ingredients (shop service, base fixture, skill perk)

  • Lootable ingredients should really be reflective of the ones in the world 90% of the time, but that is a much later project.

  • Maybe palettize the lootable ingredients instead -- would offer a larger selection but would still promote learning.

  • Saving successful recipes for later use. Delaying this because it's more of a polishing thing really.

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    Loose Ends Project

    Now that I have sort of a decent alpha of some of the game, I'd like to flesh out the game systems a bit more to improve that experience.

    Seeing as how I'm somewhat all over the place at the moment, I'm going to spend some time dealing with loose ends and tightening up what I have before moving onto larger projects.

  • Camping

  • Buffs -- Need to take a look at this and see what I have left (iirc I didn't even fully finish the v0 ones, but I might be able to add some v1 ones now too).

  • Torches -- need to finalize these. It looks like fixtures need to always be visible regardless of the torch, however I'm thinking a system where you see question marks or the fixture in question might work pretty good. hiding or showing enemies would also be neat. I like having liquids hidden by default.

  • Mount Animals -- these are very doable since they borrow heavily from cave rope functionality. Might want to go ahead and start up a v0 of these and possibly Scout Animals as well.

  • Fishing v1 -- I need to find my old notes, but I feel like I could blaze through a lot of this because of how the Caves menu came together. Might start this project back up.

  • Shops -- Have basically everything else in place now, it would be a good idea to finalize these and make sure all item types are represented.

  • Service Shops -- Same here.

    Not sure if I'll do Pets or Fishing during this round of updates, but either way this should knock off a good chunk of my checklist.

    Overall state of the Project

    I have weapons and crafting updates planned that should really tie those systems back into the theme of the game. Taking my time with that set of updates though.

    Still thinking through how I want to do bombs and food. Food is tricky -- I honestly might scrap it completely to keep it from interfering with the game's other mechanics. Maybe not though. I'll get back around to it eventually.

    One thing I definitely definitely want to start working on is the Provinces system. This is the last project that ties into a bunch of other systems. Getting that in place would let me work on Ruins, Trading, Quests, Maps, NPC Knowledge, Mana Cracks, Outposts, and probably other stuff too. In addition it would pave the way for expanding the alpha to something closer to the full game's length.

    So, while that's definitely in the back of my mind, for now I'm going to focus on tying up loose ends and tightening things up.

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    Manaflute Checklist


  • Make sure mana cracks don't conflict with other things that have been built. This is going to be a problem I'll need to solve for several systems, just making sure I'm not forgetting about it.

    Structures checklist


  • On active ruin load, deload previous alpha_dungeons in build{} if any. Hopefully won't affect the early alpha but you never know.

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    Early Alpha 2 Playthrough Round 3

    UX Stuff

  • be able to split props manually across ingredient classes.

  • grappling hook --> split rope_type and rope_value to bones/rocks and twine. Don't split durability and max_durability at all, as that doesn't make sense. Assign those to the scales I guess.

  • see props of things in furniture

  • Get alchemists to sell ingredients

  • Go ahead and make the switch to extraction potion ingredients -- this will give me more to do at late stages of the early alpha 2, and will also make it so not taking the potions package isn't the best strategy.

  • Fish can also be potion ingredients

  • fire mana crack should cost 200 to prevent cheating in caves too easily -- I had that thought for sure. Otherwise you get a bomb with a gigantic explosion radius that costs 35 aether. You can still cheat with 200 but it's harder.

  • crafting shouldn't unselect the radio unless there are none left

  • magic attacks should be on combat screen

  • On asking where a type of shop is, if it's in the current town, the knowledge probability should be 100%.

  • be able to see what you can extract from an item before buying it

  • 2.5x repulsor service price

  • I need to start making new menus displace old menus across the board. -- Ongoing

    I'm going to try to get through these UX issues and the ones from previous batches before I play the game again. Really don't want to have to second-guess whether I've filed something as a UX issue or not yet. Plus it'll help these systems evolve.

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    Maps v0 Checklist

    I combined all the maps points into this.

    Basic stuff

  • Alter notes{} so that there's hooks for nonad-based notes

  • Fullscreen infrastructure (pull from the equipment submenu and generalize)

  • Give the province map a fullscreen option.

    Map Notes

  • Make it so that each cell of the map is clickable. Clicking it should open up a menu at the bottom that says the name of the thing there, coordinates, and opens a textarea/submit for notes.

  • Hook these back into the notes{} function.

  • The coordinates should be a link. Clicking it should point you in that direction and give you a distance.

    Mark Map

  • Have an input area and button to mark current location as something.

  • This should do something with notes{} to store it. and then rerender the map.

  • In the map rerender function, create links for these stored notes.

  • Clicking them will point you in that direction, highlight the nonad, and give a distance.

  • They should also have an "x". This deletes it from the notes{} and rerenders the map.

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