ShadowFox08 plays Super Mario 3D All-Stars!
Posted: Posted October 13th
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I started playing this game for 2 weeks here and there and have maybe 2 hours in. My first impressions on the menuare: The main menu is great. You can play the any of the 3 games, as well as a separate sound selection with over 100 tracks for all 3 games. Also at least with Super Mario 64, you can only save after attaining a star

Surprisingly out of all the games, I've only played and beat Super Mario Galaxy. SM64 I dabbed into Super Mario 64 back in the N64 days from a friend, but only a few stages and never came close to beating it. SMS, I've never played it.

I want to say I'm an hour in now and I've played 100% on handheld mode and playing Super Mario 64, 720p looks crisp and looks way better than back in the day. Gameplay wise, the camera takes some time to get used to and only moves in like 90 degrees at a time. Annoying at times. It's aged bad. Controls are OKAY.
I feel like such a noob and have lost many lives just falling off the stage too. lol. All in all, I think Super Mario 64 has aged decently for a 64 game, visually speaking. Gameplay is going to be the weakest out of all the 3D marios obviously, but I'm still looking forward to beating it eventually.

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feel like such a noob and have lost many lives just falling off the stage too.

You aren't the only one. I've fallen off plenty of times trying to get a Red coin or Green Mushroom. The good news is that if you get game over you start over in the castle and don't really lose any progress.

Posted October 13th by Q
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If only they fixed the camera. Oh well. Yeah that's good! I've sort of put this game on the baçk burner and prioritizing animal crossing (really suck at multitasking), but want to get into it and beat 64 by end of month at least.

How far are you in the 3d collection?

Posted October 20th by ShadowFox08
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I've also put the game on the back burner but I've gotten 110 stars in Mario 64. I think I am around 20 or so Shine Sprites in Sunshine and haven't started Galaxy yet. I've been playing through Horizon Zero Dawn trying to get it completed.

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