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Seriously, a Mario & Rabbids RPG?
Posted: Posted January 1st, 2017
Edited January 1st, 2017 by Blake

I really hope they scrap this project and just make a sequel to Super Mario RPG, instead. I mean they have Square Enix on board, for Christ sakes! I think they could really make a good sequel to SMRPG! We want to see more of Geno and Mallow and maybe new characters and a new villain. Shigeru Miyamoto refuses to make a direct sequel to PM:TTYD so why not make a sequel to the first Mario RPG game that started it all? Maybe they could include a "Pit of 100 Trials" like dungeon.

I mean what's next for a Mario RPG? Paper Mario has been ruined by it's so called "action and adventure" gameplay, as seen in Sticker Star and Color Splash and Mario & Luigi got stale after the 3rd game. The only other thing would be, is to make a crossover with Sonic and call it "Mario & Sonic RPG: Heroes Collide" or something like that.

I would be so relieved if this was an April Fool's joke, like they did with "Mushroom Kingdom Hearts" many years ago. It was already bad enough that Paper Mario: Color Splash wasn't an April Fool's joke, but a real game. This would be even worse, it if turned out to be true. At least PM:CS is a legit Mario RPG. A crossover with the Minion clones is not!

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