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Serbian “Red Rubber Ball” from “Edit and I”
Posted: Posted September 12th by chiarizio
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In the 2009 animated Serbian film “Technotise: Edit and I”, there is a sing sung in the Serbian-Croatian language (I think), by a female soloist (I think),
to the tune of “Red Rubber Ball”.

“Red Rubber Ball” was co-written by Bruce Woodley of ThE Seekers and Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel.
It was first recorded and released by the Cyrkles in April 1966.

I couldn’t see Simon or Woodley or Cyrkles or Red Rubber Ball on the credits to the film.
I don’t speak Srpski or Hravat (however I should have spelled that), and the subtitles didn’t include subtitles to that song.
So I can’t tell if the lyrics were actually a translation of Woodley’s and Simon’s lyrics, or something completely different.

Does anyone know the Serbs-Croatian title of this song? Or who sang it in the movie? Or what the Serbian lyrics mean?


Thank you!

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Funny enough, I am Serbian on my dad's side, and I used to speak the language with him and his parents and our kumovi (religious relatives in the Serbian Orthodox tradition) regularly...but only a small bit, like greetings (including those for various holidays and birthdays) and "thank you" and "bless you" and goodbyes, things like that. Beyond that and the Serbian word for their language, I know next to nothing. My dad and my uncle could speak the language fluently, my dad slightly broken and my uncle flawlessly; they used to speak it with their grandfather because he didn't know a lick of English. Alas, my dad passed in 2014 and my grandpa last summer, and I don't see my uncle that much anymore. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Posted September 12th by Black Yoshi
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Have you seen the movie?
Maybe you can send your uncle a link to it, or a recommendation.
You can look up a lot about it on IMDB.
The people credited with the music have done some other great music online;
but unfortunately the song I’m interested in is not credited.


How are you?
Everyone safe and healthy, I hope?

Posted September 12th by chiarizio
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