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Metacritic scores:
Xbox: 93
PS4: 89

Gameinformer: 90
It’s a challenging journey through a weird and wondrous world that forces you to learn and master its punishing combat to succeed. However, the sweet thrill of victory keeps you pushing forward despite myriad disheartening deaths. Sekiro is one of the most difficult games I have ever played, but for those seeking adventure, exploration, and a truly realized ninja fantasy, the trek is worth the high demands.

IGN: 95
Sekiro evolves From Software’s formula into a stylish stealth-action adventure that, naturally, emphasizes precision and skill in its combat. It walks the line between deliberate and patient stealth and breakneck melee combat against threats both earthly and otherworldly. Its imaginative and flexible tools support a more focused experience that shaves down some of From Software’s overly cryptic sensibilities without losing its air of mystery. Sekiro is an amazing new twist on a familiar set of ideas that can stand on its own alongside its predecessors.

Destructoid: 90
It innovates enough to the point where people who are tired of the same old song and dance will find new mysteries to master; but still maintains that strong marriage of world building and sense of pride garnered from besting taxing conflicts.

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I have it preordered and I iwll pick it up sometime today or during the week.

Ive heard stellar things and it looks amazing. I am concerned if I will have enough time to master the mechanics.

Posted March 22nd by S.O.H.

What are you playing on?

The good things I've heard about this game make me want to try Dark Souls again (lol). 6th time is the charm maybe.

Edited March 22nd by Vandy

My best friends PS4. I am suppose to give it back to him soon so I hope I beat it within a month.

Why 6 times? Did it just not click for you? You dont have to play it if you dont have to. I prefer demon souls over dark souls my self. Dark souls is a good game but end of the day it can be a huge pain to play through. (Especially on the older consoles) Vaatividya (huge souls fan) made a video about sekiro and it seems that the skills you pick up in other souls games dont really transfer to this one. (I.E. dont play this like a traditional souls game the gameplay and enemies are for more different)

Posted March 22nd by S.O.H.

Is Dark Souls remastered a worthwhile investment if you already have it on xbox 360 or ps3?

Posted March 22nd by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

I feel like I am very close to finishing Kingdom Hearts 3, so hopefully I will be able to get this and start it in the next few days.

Posted March 22nd by Jet Presto

The reviews seem pretty positive, but I'm not sure if I'll get it yet. From what I've read/watched/been told the combat seems very parry-focused, which never held my interest as a mechanic in Dark Souls.

You guys will have to let me know what you think if you pick it up.

Posted March 22nd by Count Dooku

Playing it on PC, didn't get that far but it has some really, really good combat.

Posted March 22nd by LLight

It seems like Sekiro leans a bit more into Bloodborne territory than Dark Souls, which I'm all for. Really want to get started on it (PC for me), but I know I should focus on finishing DMC5 first. And of course, Apex just had to go and introduce their most fun character to date in order to distract me.

Posted March 22nd by Orion Nebula

but I know I should focus on finishing DMC5 first

i made it half way through before I lost interest. Beautiful game. Fun and interesting characters just not for me. (Im scared I might lose interest in sekiro we will see what happens)

Posted March 22nd by S.O.H.

Sekiro is the sexiest game I have ever played. It's not too difficult either. I mean I'm dying quite a bit, but mostly to user error and still not being completely used to the mechanics of gameplay. Great game so far. Enemies are so satisfying to end, especially when you get them with a Mikiri. Stellar.

Posted March 24th by Locke Bellemir

I played 15 minutes of it, mostly to screw around with the control's. It is pretty neat. I stealth killed every one and danced around with the first mini boss before jumping off a cliff.

its great.

Posted March 24th by S.o.h.

Put in about 90 minutes last night. Mostly enjoy it, but I died about four times in the tutorial section. I realized that I just cannot get a hang of the more motion-oriented combat of Sekiro/Bloodborne. Like I spent too much time getting used to dodge rolling in Dark Souls that I keep thinking I can do the same thing. Having trouble training myself on the faster-paced, more motion-oriented style of those ones. I'm pretty confident I will not get very far in this game. I imagine I will hit a frustration wall pretty quickly, like with Bloodborne. I don't regret buying it, though.

Posted March 25th by Jet Presto

I like it better than bloodborne.

Posted March 25th by S.O.H.

I'm 90 minutes in my self. The prosthetic arm is dope. To me this feels like fromsoftwares easiest game. The grapple hook allows me to fall back and catch my bearings when ever things get too crazy .

I really wish I could give this game the time it deserves. The ps4 I am using os my best friends and he wants to take it back to play with his VR headset. I don't know how far I'll get but I'll enjoy the ride.

Edited March 26th by S.o.h.

I died like, 4 times in the tutorial section. I dunno that I ever died in a Dark Souls tutorial section. (Granted, I just discussed part of why I'm better at Dark Souls than Bloodborne, so it would make sense why Sekiro is proving super challenging to me.)

Posted March 26th by Jet Presto

Yeah I gotta stop my self from dodging or rolling for some enemies it is best to block or quickly attack before their attack hits.

its great.

Posted March 26th by S.o.h.

Well, I'm giving up on this. It's just too hard and I've just been stuck on the same stretch for too long for this to be fun anymore. I guess I'll throw it on the pile with Bloodborne and hope someday I can go back to it (I mean, after all, I didn't finish Dark Souls my first time playing it). But, I'm just not having any fun and I'm not feeling like the stretches I get through finally feel satisfactory in the same ways a lot of Souls did to me. I mostly feel like, "Thank god I don't have to do this fucking stretch again" whenever I get to a new resting place.

So I'm giving it up for a bit. Might return to it later in the year.

Posted March 29th by Jet Presto

That's a shame to hear. The way people are talking about it, the learning curve is pretty steep, and you're certainly not alone in having fallen off it early on.

Posted March 29th by Orion Nebula

I feel like there is more crossover with Bloodborne. I think a lot of people I hear say they love Sekiro and think it might be FromSoft's best are ones who really maybe even prefer Bloodborne to Dark Souls. I find Souls to be more accessible and, as a result, more satisfactory. Like there aren't too many bosses or stretches that I feel like I'm just never gonna get through in those games. But I kinda feel like that with Sekiro. I also had to give up on Bloodborne, too.

I do hear many say that it is more challenging than past FromSoft games, with a steeper learning curve (I mean, part of it is that you have an instant to decide between three separate actions to avoid taking a hit - jump, dash, or deflect - whereas with Souls you basically try to time your dodge rolls. I know technically there is more to it - shield up and parrying in many cases - but ultimately you can largely get through anything if you just get good at timing the one action of rolling.)

So I think if you liked Bloodborne, it's probably less steep of a learning curve and easier to get into.

(I did just finally get by the Chained Ogre, which was sort of the impetus of my last post. So that's something. But I basically logged two hours to advance like, 100 feet.)

I respect FromSoft a lot, and I think this game has a lot of great elements to it. Not saying it's bad in the slightest. It's just too much for me.

Posted March 30th by Jet Presto

I haven't played Bloodborne, but I have heard a lot of challenge run players find the combat closer to Bloodborne than Dark Souls. There aren't any iframes on LB/L1, A/X, or B/O buttons, but you are rewarded for pressing the right one when you see the start of an animation on a moveset which makes it inexplicably satisfying to either do DPS or for posture break kills.

Posted March 30th by LLight

63 minutes in and I've finished the beginning area and exhausted the dialogue of the NPCs at the shrine. I'm not sure how ashamed I should be for being so completely unprepared for the change of pace with Sekiro, but it's safe to say that my medicore Souls skills are not directly transferable here the way they were with Bloodborne. I died a whole lot in that tutorial!

Edited March 30th by Famov

You know, from the few sections of gameplay I've seen, I'm really not seeing the Bloodborne comparisons at all (aside from sheer difficulty and learning curve). That game is all about being on the offensive, where you're rewarded for trading blows and generally being aggressive. Sekiro seems like the complete opposite of that. The only real similarity between the two that I can see is parrying, however Bloodborne's firearm stagger works a little differently to Sekiro's posture meter.

If anything, Sekiro looks a lot more akin to Nioh.

Posted March 31st by Orion Nebula

I haven't played Nioh. I think the thing for me in terms of why I think of it as closer to Bloodborne (and you're right that it isn't really identical in almost any way) is just that I think it feels more focused on faster-paced action. Mostly, I know the way I play Souls games was not translatable to Bloodborne because it seemed to want more movement and quicker reactions. The start of Sekiro felt similar in that way to me. It's not that I think the game is overly more similar to Bloodborne. It just felt like there might be more crossover there, from my admittedly limited experience with both games.

Posted April 1st by Jet Presto

Dang. I just logged two and a half more hours of play and literally have not advanced at all in the game. I keep loading up from the same bonfire...er...whatever this game's equivalent is. Going through the same stretch of baddies, running into the same mini-boss, dying, loading, same stretch, mini-boss, dying...And we're talking the difference of like, one building.

Stealth feels a little spotty, if I'm being honest. The mini-boss is fucking me up because I'm not good enough to read the attacks (doesn't help that he kills me in two hits, so it's not like I get too much of a chance to actually see all the attacks). But I'm having a hard time with how sometimes, enemies are totally oblivious, and other times they know exactly where I am because someone spotted me for a second.

On the one hand, I do feel I have improved slightly. The common enemies haven't killed me in a while. Just the mini-boss does, so I'm clearly sooooort of starting to get the hang of it. At the same time, I feel like I plateau super quickly. The common enemies in this stretch I'm don't necessarily require I improve at this point. I've sort of figured them out. The mini-boss, however, requires I improve, but kills me in two hits so I don't feel like I have much of a chance to do so.

The end result is a total mixed experience for me. I don't think I ever got this frustrated in a Dark Souls game. But then, you could also level up if you were struggling. When I committed to getting decent at Dark Souls, that grinding did two things: it let me practice and it allowed me to increase my stats to help me along the way. I still died. A *lot.* But it felt like the game gave me opportunities to figure out ways to advance and improve in ways that made it feel like I was getting better. (Like, I never "got good" the first time, but I got ok at back stabs. And that was enough to make me feel like I improved enough to advance. Largely, that was good enough. By my second playthrough, I just committed to learning parrying and got decent at that.)

I don't really feel like there's much of that here. I'm playing a lot but advancing literally not at all. I am neither able to get past this mini-boss, nor am I able to level up because that's not really a thing. You level up by defeating mini-bosses. For me, it makes it more frustrating. I can appreciate that these design choices emphasize the skill element of things. The only benefit to repeatedly grinding through this stretch is to practice my skill. The problem, though, is that I don't think these stretches give me the adequate skills necessary to really stand up against the mini-boss. And I know they don't want players to simply grind and improve stats to muscle their way through the game, but it would be nice to be able to take more than two hits from this mini-boss.

I dunno. I feel like "git gud" is both more applicable than ever here, but less legitimate a response to criticism at the same time.

As I said: I respect the hell out of From Software. And there will certainly be an audience for this. This game does make me reflect very fondly on Dark Souls and I can appreciate even more how accessible that game actually is, despite it's reputation for being difficult. I do think some of these criticisms I have are legitimate and fair, but I also recognize that this game is really just not designed for me. So. I guess at the end of the day, I will say that I kinda hate it? But it's great for a particular type of player. Feels a lot more specific in who it is designed for.

Posted April 2nd by Jet Presto

That’s one thing I hate about these games. I want to retry a boss immediately not wander through all his minions again. Once I get the pattern down I just want to have another go while I am still dialed in.

Posted April 3rd by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

Once the combat clicks for you, the game becomes easy. Keep trying and don't give up! It is all about learning movement, spacing, and attack patterns that make it a pretty good game.

Posted April 3rd by LLight

Well, after - what - three weeks? I have finally made it to a real boss!

I died once, and then went off to play Doom because I don't have time for that shit anymore.

Posted April 11th by Jet Presto

DOOM is fuckin' rad though, and it deserves your undivided attention.

Posted April 11th by Orion Nebula

Yeah. I was never a big Doom kid growing up, but I'm having an unreasonable amount of fun with the 2016 Doom. I'm almost curious what Doom VR would be like.

Posted April 11th by Jet Presto
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