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Posted: Posted February 8th
Edited February 8th by Xhin
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  • Both pressing enter and clicking "filter" run the same function now -- this was causing some wonky unpredictable behavior before.

  • Things like searching for #85, users with & symbols in their name, or literally any symbol other than the ones I'm documenting here work 100%% of the time now.

    New search operators

    This upgrade applies to both the "User" field and the "Title" field, as well as all future text fields.

  • Typing in something like "my world" will search for titles with the literal phrase "my world". (this is how the search feature worked before)

  • Searching for "my+world" will instead search for titles with both "my" and "world" (not necessarily in that order). You can do this any number of times.

  • Searching for "math/physics" will return posts that have either "math" or "physics" in the title

    Note that you can only do either a + or a /, not both. There are some order-of-operation issues and other technical problems with having both right now.

    Filtering syntax

  • A tilde (~) will let you filter out words or phrases. Anything to the left of the tilde is searched; anything to the right of the tilde is filtered:

  • putting "moon~ray" in the user field will return usernames that have "moon" in them but not usernames that have "ray" in them. So you'll get "moonlight", "moonshadow", but not "moonray".

  • searching for titles called "~funny" will return all posts that don't have the word "funny" in them.

  • You can use the same + syntax on the right of the tilde.. searching for "religion~islam+muslim" will look for titles that have "religion" in them but will exclude both "islam" and "muslim".

  • You can combine all the above syntax. "ch+ariz~chiarizio" in the user box will find posts by "charizard" but not by "chiarizio". "math/physics~boring+stupid" will return posts that are about math and physics but don't hate on them (hopefully!).


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    Thank you 😊 🙏 ☺️!

    Posted February 8th by chiarizio
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    Excellent. Now I hope the smilies get fixed... I miss the buggers.

    Posted February 8th by Fox Forever
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    What's wrong with the smilies?

    Posted February 8th by Xhin
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    Ground's what's around

    We used to have such a catalogue but now don't have as many. I see two have been brought back recently though.

    Also the ones people used the least (the blue ones) have stayed.

    Also some of the names got replaced like ( y ) turning into instead of what it used to be.

    Edit: Also I hope it doesn't sound like I'm being demanding. I really do appreciate the updates that you do.

    Edited February 8th by Fox Forever
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    Well, looking over my old notes, it looks like "custom emoticons"/"emoticon packs" was next on my list, so stay tuned :)

    Edited February 8th by Xhin
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    Ground's what's around

    I just noticed I used "also" as the first word in a sentence three times in a row. English majors, please put me out to pasture.

    Posted February 8th by Fox Forever
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    shame on you; you're supposed to notice that and adjust accordingly

    first instance: Also

    second instance: Also also

    third instance (rare): Also also also

    Posted February 8th by Pirate_Ninja
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    Lol, poor Foxy.

    Don’t worry. I was watching a video on YouTube recently and a girl was using “and then I” each sentence. I immediately stopped watching. It was annoying.

    Edited February 9th by Castrael
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    Did you address my question of finding all polls?

    Also, a new question.

    Maybe two.

    I tried to send an alert to Blake and got “no such user” or words to that effect.

    While stumbling around with that I got “list all conversations”.

    A few minutes later I tried to go back to “list all conversations”,
    But now I can’t find it.

    Is there a posted tutorial on gtx0 about how to “alerts” and “conversations”?
    Like the very good one about formatting?

    Posted February 9th by chiarizio
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    I'll fix these issues and also the other ones mentioned in this post:
    either today or tomorrow. I'm at the absolute tail-end of a major IRL project that's taking priority at the moment.

    Posted February 12th by Xhin
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    Ground's what's around
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