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Scratchpad feature Notes
Posted: Posted January 31st by Xhin
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This is an amalgamation of a bunch of different ideas, including nullfather's desire for blog-like posts, GTX0's help / files systems, and this thing:

[Gathering ideas for a conworld wikifarm]


Each account can have as many "projects" as they want, which are sort of like mini-wikis.

Articles in a project function similarly to threads, except:

  • You can link to other articles in the project via a tag like [[features]] or [[features|Project Features]]. If that article doesn't exist yet the link will allow you to create it.

  • Articles will also be displayed in the url like this, for example:
  • Very customizable categorization systems. Multiple simultaneous hierarchial user-made categories supported. Tl;dr think the kinds of categorization wikipedia and other wikis have.

  • A customizable "templating" system linked to categories. For example you could have a category for your favorite video games, and specify a template that has the name, year, genre, etc. Or for worldbuilding perhaps you have multiple races and want to specify their average height, lifespan, region, etc. When you make a new article in that category you can fill out the template while you submit it to make things go fast.

  • Sidebars and other useful navigation. In-article section headings / section jumping.

    Optional Plugins

    Each project can install its own optional plugins. These add various features beyond the normal scope of the project, for example the "keyboards" feature in the wikifarm post above that let you put in hard-to-type symbols easily. Or if you're making blog posts you might want to install a conglomeration of share buttons to each article.

    Project Sharing

    One of the plugins allows you to add other users to the project or to isolate them to specific categories. This allows for more standard wiki practices, as well as actual collaborative projects.

    GTX0 Integration

  • A special tag will let you "stream" the entirety of an article inside a thread. Ideally this is what I'll start doing when I make new features -- make the documentation on this system and then stream it into my announcement posts.

  • Some way of integrating articles deeper into threads so that you can have comments enabled that link back to newest replies.

  • Help files systems, documents, and other GTX0 files (such as the eventual home page revamp) will go into this system for sanity reasons.

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