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Now that we have a thread bumping system, I think that it would be useful to also incorporate the sage mechanic. Sage is a post option that lets you post in a thread without bumping it.

Sometimes, what you have to say is not serious or relevant enough to justify necroing a thread. Sometimes, what you have to say is serious and relevant, but you don't want to bring more attention to the thread than necessary. In these cases, sage is what you use.

What do you think, Xhin?

EDIT: listen, it's been a long day. I forgot that this is the NIFE forum. This is obviously a site request.

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Help me come up with a different name and I'll make a plugin for it.

Posted May 7th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

I'll try to think of a different name, but you could always placeholder it as something utilitarian like "non-bump post".

Anchor, deadpool, sink, rest, snooze post, quiet post.

Posted May 7th by Cruinn-Annuin

Quiet posts sounds good, or maybe stealth posts, which would be fitting given that you requested this in a NIFE forum.

Posted May 7th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

You should really move this forum off of the quicklinks, maybe stick the NIFE stuff at the bottom of a page? People keep using it instead of the feedback button at the bottom, which you could make more sense having a counterpart near the top of the page somewhere.

Posted May 7th by Moonray

All the NIFE forums are supposed to be integrated with NIFE better, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Also you're right, requests needs to be integrated with the site better.

Posted May 7th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful
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